BGC's Top Speakeasies

Most days I think Manila’s clubbing scene is dead. I feel a bit of pang of guilt and maybe it’s somewhat overly generalizing but it is. In fact, I think this is why most folks fly out to Hong Kong or Bali to dance is because there’s really not much place for partying here. I do love me a quiet chill speak easy where I can hide and enjoy a nice glass of whiskey.

  1. The Back Room, Shangri La BGC. Entrance is along 30th Avenue across The PSE driveway. You then get ushered into a door after a shoe shine stand. The bar list contains the most interesting of drinks: Clean Sneak, champagne and absinthe, for one. The waitstaff are dressed in 1940s mod and the music transports you to a level of fancy. Each drink comes with a question meant to be asked around the table.

2. Nomu, 7th Avenue, BGC. This is a “secret” bar inside Nomi along 7th Avenue and it’s a wee bit tiny but they have the most obscure and wonderful drinks such as Umeshu Plum Whiskey.

3. Hotel Bar, Shangri La BGC, inside Pink’s Hotdogs. The original speakeasy inside Shangri La, you have to get through via Pink’s to enjoy this little secret bar. I especially enjoyed their popcorn and cocktails. Music can be relatable and not too high brow nor too eclectic.

4. Bank Bar, RCBC Building, 26th Avenue. I only have been here a couple of time but Bank Bar (entrance via 711 in the RCBC Building along 26th Avenue), and it was a pretty cool place. Mostly elder executives hang out here and music is like current Cafe Del Mar-ish.