Things I Love Sundays: April in Review

I started writing this during one of my favorite seasons of the year: Holy Week. It’s a week that I get to enjoy a quiet Metro Manila, when everyone is out and traveling and in the beach or in Europe and I get to be at home and walk out and about with no worries of everything being noisy or traffic. In fact, I just realized how rare it is for our street to be quiet and it is now! I am happy. I know that as a Christian I am not expected to be joyous during a time of commemoration of Jesus being nailed but I have a soft feeling of comfort of being relaxed.

April was a month of reflection — much thanks to the days of break and pause and catching our breaths. I had tumultuous March and mostly during the Mercury retrograde so I feel like I finally got my footing back this time and thankful, too. I did my personal quarterly reviews and found that Q1 was mostly bleh, me trying to fulfil the bare minimum for my life and it exhausted me. Still, April presented some form of new hope and clarity. I was glad for many things that came in April, a trip, Game of Thrones among many other things, inspiration and purpose. I remember who I am and that’s all I needed to push me.


My last Hong Kong trip was a refreshing quickie travel trip that I’m super thankful for. This time, after a decade of not setting foot in HK, I visited some galleries and art compounds and got a fill of contemporary art. I’ve been mostly experiencing the country through cocktails too and I guess that is fast becoming a very important habit.

Tara The Pawn


Game of Thrones Season 8 is well under way in its last installment and I am heartbroken - yet finding closure in each episode in what is the greatest and most epic show of my lifetime. I am so glad to have gotten into it the way I did and when I did (not very early and rather late but just in time).

The Bold Type

The Bold Type Season 3 is also in and I am so happy that my favorite trio is back, dealing with female issues such as freezing eggs, navigating tricky work relationships, new bosses, voting, city issues. I love how this show is current and woke without being too gritty to be relatable. It has the best soundtrack for women and in its first ep for S3, Betty Who sang. I am so happy with this show!



Bumble is my new favorite app for meeting like-minded women! Previously, Bumble only had Dating in the PH so I never bothered to use it but now, it has BFF and Bizz features where you can find new friends and network for business in Bizz. So far I’ve met some interesting folks in Bizz already.

In other news, Mike and I lost a dear friend in April but he will always be in our heart.