Benefit's Hello Happy Brightening Foundation

Every single morning, my little Benefit Hello Happy Foundation makes me happy. It literally is, a bright spot in my dresser, in gold and pink and I have a small jump in my heart when I apply it on myself.


A couple of days ago, Benefit Hello Happy Brightening launched in the Philippines and it’s already my newest favorite foundation! Ok — give me anything Benefit and I will use it. There’s honestly nothing Benefit does that I don’t love, it’s insane.

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More than the product which would further contribute to my general look of always trying to look ethereal and glowing (LOL, and LOL again), the party itself was what I needed after a harrowing week. First of all, the party instantly made me experience the Common Ground, a co-working space in BGC I often wanted to go to but didn’t have a reason to. It is designed by my plant provider, Nest Plant Studio, and the space is conducive to comfortable working and collaborating.

In the middle of everything was a large display of all the shades (12 in all!) for Benefit Hello Happy Brightening.

Benefit Hello Happy
Hello Happy Brightening
Drinks were provided by Sandy Cheers

Drinks were provided by Sandy Cheers

Benefit Hello Happy

The party was all about going through different challenges and ways to experience the product ie the requisite swatching party, trying out robes from Forever 21 and Instagramming ourselves to death at the bed — a prop which seems to make its way nowadays more and more at beauty launches. My favorite however, is the quiz night part of the night — and you know me, I am such a nerd when it comes to that. We didn’t end up winning but we were a close second! xx

Hello Happy Benefit Party
Sandro Paredes

Benefit’s Hello Happy Brightening Foundation can make you happy indeed! xx