Things I Love Sundays: Thriving in June

I feel so weird, that a few days ago, on a very random day, I just decided I wanted more plants. Since last year when I’ve purchased all sorts of plants I could, my monstera has died as well as my watermelon plant (sob) but I feel like I can resume taking care of home foliage once again. I order my plants from Nest Plant Studio, if you must know.

I can’t believe it’s already half the year. To be quite honest, Q2 is so much nicer than my first quarter of 2019 and life is on a steady and nice pace. My calendar just buzzed for today — I should already be making my personal quarterly review.

I kicked off Q2 with a quick trip to Hong Kong with my work besties. Looking back, I always feel stressed before a trip and always question the validity of my decision to go, how I can leave my boys and all that but in the end, everything works out and I feel refreshed once again. It’s great to be in another world for a couple of days and know what’s happening elsewhere, discovering things we don’t see here, live another culture. Ah, travel I guess, will remain to be a great big love.

A rewarding teaching life. I’m quite lucky to have a side hustle teaching digital marketing to young (and sometimes mature, hehe) digital marketers. I’ve been doing this quite regularly and for Q2, I’ve had several classes, if not all, that made me feel most fulfilled in a long time. I’ve always wanted to teach but teaching at my college school would be 1) torture, due to traffic and 2) There are no less frequent engagements to be done so this gig I have is the best for me.

Health is best <3 Granted, I am still not in my most desired weight, BMR and body fat % but I’m happy to report that I found out I have ideal good cholesterol, all my vaccines are up to date, I have zero cavities (despite a milk tea habit!) and I get to sleep at least 6 hours a night AND my resting heart beat is at 66.

Happy home. I am happy to have that small knowledge that life — though utterly really simple — is happy and fulfilled and loved.

Happy July!