Mini Haul and matching Mini Update

Heh. :D I feel like scowling at my uber uncreative title. :x

These past few days have been one of the .. say, challenging days of my career. I work as a writer. A web content producer of some sort and a LOT that doesn't include writing. My work thrives on my "creativity" [or lack thereof]. My job is a mix of a whole lotta writing, Photoshop-ing, choosing models for our company's advertisements and battling off HR and IT concerns. IKR. :x

So imagine the drama when one day, I couldn't write. Just couldn't write. I stared at the blank document in MS Word and stared at it for 4 hours, until I decided to get home. At home, I just stared at my laptop again and still -- I couldn't write.

It was so funny that this morning, after being late for 3 hours, getting stuck in traffic and dealing with the moody weather -- I started to write. I guess I was worried for nothing at all.

I just hope it won't happen again :(

On a more positive note, because I was feeling unproductive during these days, I've been wandering at our building and found that there was a small store of imported perfume. I decided to check it out and found out that they sell NYX eyeshadows, NYX eyeliners and 2 shades of NYX lipsticks. Heh. So of course, I bought two e/s and an eyeliner:

NYX eyeshadows in Cotton Candy and Flamingo
and NYX eyeliner in Black Brown, 120 each

And as if a glutton for make up, I walked all the way to SM Makati because I realized I've been getting eyebags, therefore I needed a new concealer. I decided to give Artdeco a try and threw in a bronzer, too!

Artdeco Concealer in #2 Yellow [P 495.00]
and ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Bronze [P 129.75.]

I have yet to know how the Artdeco concealer fares on my rather oily skin so if you've tried this, please do let me know! :)

Happy Wednesday!