I was hoping words could come out of my mind straight out of my hands tonight but there is nada.

Some random thoughts I've had this week:

  • Some day, when I am ready and able, I will trade my suits and high heels for swimsuits, sundresses, flipflops and trade my life to live in an island. I would probably make a living by producing swimsuits, taking photos of tourists or a bartending --- it doesn't matter. I want that life.
  • One can make real friends after 3 years of working in a corporate setting.
  • 3 mugs of Strawberry Margarita with friends from UP at Chili's can be extremely fun. I had fun listening to stories about their college professors, answering random questions like, "If you were to get stuck in an island, what condiment are you going to bring?"
  • Even if you were with your bf/partner for 5 whole days and you don't see him for one day, the next time you see him feels like Christmas morning.
  • Staying offline and curling up with a good book is such a therapeutic hobby. I missed this.
  • It doesn't take a long conversation to say goodbye. All you need sometimes is a clear signal and you're good to go -- literally.

From Seth Godin's blog [one of my daily reads] :

"Decades ago, a guy came to me with a nutty business idea. He was filled with energy and enthusiasm. "It'll cut through the market like a thresher through a wheat field," (actual quote). He practically shouted, "like a hot knife through butter."

This sort of energy is contagious, but it's not clear that without a plan that it's productive.

I still remember a guy who used to work with me who came to me with a grandiose plan for a book he wrote based on a TV show. He had two data points: zero, where he started, and one appearance on one talk show as a result of one pitch. Drawing a straight line between the two points, it quickly reached infinity. Of course, very few things (even online) reach infinity any time soon.

The problem with bravado is that it forces you to suspend reality when making your plan. Optimism is self-fulfilling, bravado can be toxic.