Foodie Post: Churrito Cafe

... and as I type this, my stomach is grumbling. I saw the photos again and my mind went YUM.

It's a Tuesday night and I'm already very tired --- physically tired. We had a video shoot at work as one of our training materials [yep, about rules, etc.] and I was part of it as talent, semi-coordinator and MuA. I did the faces of my colleagues, both men and women. I honestly didn't expect I was going to do it but the overall coordinator forgot about getting a MuA. And because I was prepared [just with makeup, heh :x], I used what I've been reading in beauty blogs and what I've watched in Youtube and seemed to have worked, yay! I could show you photos but it would be un-compliant :)

Going back to the topic at hand, the BF and I went to Churrito Cafe last Sunday. It's actually a ritual, sometimes before, sometimes after church. Since we usually go to Veritas Church in BF Paranaque, we get to choose from the gamut of restaurants in Aguirre St.

It was the BF's first time in Churrito Cafe, actually. I've been in this place lots of times before but always with girlfriends. And because I am there at late night time, I only consume churros and beer. Strange combo, I know.

*sorry for the lopsided photo :D

Well, hello, Wi Fi! Churrito Cafe is a quaint, little restaurant along Aguirre St., almost adjacent to the once-popular Central in BF. When bar patrons get tired of the RnB scene in the neighboring bars, they head to

Churrito Cafe since they also serve beer there plus smoking is allowed inside after 10 PM.

Here's what we had last Sunday:

Paella Campesina

[small, for 2-3 persons], P 168.00I have been on a low-cal diet for 2 weeks now but when I saw this --- bye, diet.Hello, paella with chorizo. SUPER YUM.


[for 2-3 persons], around P 170.00

The dish was okay -- nothing too superb. In fact, I kind of find

the shrimps a little bland when in fact the flavor should seep out

of the shrimps when bitten. Oh and they were extremely small.

Chicken Fingers in Sweet Teriyaki Sauce

[for 2 -3 persons] P 120.00At first I was confused if I accidentally ordered the Calamares Fritos,but as it turned out, it was the chicken fingers. But when I tasted the dip,which was a sweet and flavorful, tangy teriyaki sauce, I didn't care anymore. YUM!


Mango Smoothie

and the BF's

Banana Split Smoothie

, P 60.00

My drink was very predictable, it tasted like mangoes :D However, when I tasted

the BF's banana split smoothie, I was in smoothie heaven. So rich and it tasted so natural,

I kind of wondered though why it was pink but then I forgot about it when I took another sip.

Churrito Stix

[milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate]

P 75.00 for 3 pcs.

My favorite part of a meal, DESSERT, especially if they are churrito stix.

Those are churros pre-dipped in your preferred flavor. The coating of the

flavors are so generous you wouldn't think there was a churro[s] inside.

This is a must try. If you ever were in the BF Paranaque area, it's a sin

not to try this gem.

What I love about the place:

  • Very, very courteous wait staff.
  • The music. Acoustic nights every Saturday and Bossa tunes the rest of the week
  • Hello, Wi Fi!
  • You gotta love the interiors. Delicate white chandeliers, soft lights and adobe-colored walls.
  • Ahh, love. Besides, if you ever saw the other restaurant/bars in BF, this by far is probably the best designed.
  • No monoblocks. :D
  • A wide array of Spanish delicacies await you. From Paella to Churros to truffles.
  • Waiting time as soon as food is ordered is NOT bad at all.
  • Crowd is a lot more mature than crowds in neighboring bars.

What I didn't love:

  • True enough, it's very quaint and can only accomodate probably less than 50 persons. Or maybe even less than 30.
  • There's not much space to move around. From where I sat last time I can see what the other table is watching on Youtube.
  • Some items in the menu are not being served anymore :(

Would I go back?

In a heartbeat.

Churrito Cafe236 Aguirre Avenue (bet. Elizalde stoplight and Presentation Church)

BF Homes Parañaque City