Will You Be There?: A Goodbye to MJ

The white shirt, the black pants and white socks have always been
my favorite MJ get up. Source

But, his get up, his poses, everything on the video of "In the Closet"
with Naomi Campbell and Princess Stephanie of Monaco has gotta be
his sexiest ever. Source
Growing up as a kid, I didn't normally hear Michael Jackson's songs in the radio. In the 90's, MJ's songs became fewer and fewer but everything were extremely good.I remember watching the MTV of the Free Willy OST and I was in love with MJ's song 'Will You Be There.' I then vowed that when he comes to Manila, I would watch, given I had the capability to buy tickets.

Fast forward to x years and now, gone like his ex-wife's father Elvis Presley, I don't think there are anymore concerts to look forward to [well, with the exception of Madonna.] I've been really sad for 2 days now.
I've been listening to MJ like crazy, to all his songs, watching E! and ET and all the channels that are showing blow by blow updates to investigations and etc. Somehow, watching all of it made it feel surreal --- any moment now, I could wake up and MJ is not really dead.
But he is. And it is just plain heartbreaking.