I'm a kid all over again

I remember watching Transformers as a cartoon series when I was a kid. It was one of the things I shared with my brother, aside from watching WWF [now WWE], Captain Planet, Justice League and Dexter's Lab. I still remember Bumblebee being a chubby transformer, originally being a Volkswagen Beetle.

I had Transformers 2 on my radar for the longest time, probably ever since it was getting shot but it was only last Thursday, the second day of its showing that it struck me to watch. And thank goodness I had time. My colleagues and I were coming back to the city from Clark after days of planning. Shangri La Mall, here we come!
As much as I loved the first installment, I'd have to say that for me, this was so much better in so many levels. As I've said, I watched it last Thursday at Shang, and again last night, last full show at the Eastwood Cinemas where a local Optimus Prime made an appearance [will post photo soon].
  • the TWINS! I don't think I need say more
  • Megan Fox on her Vespa. I was as speechless as my guy friends.
  • Grand finale at the Petra Treasury, Jordan and Egypt -- no more humans being trampled.
  • Josh Duhamel -- again! 
  • Optimus Prime -- always have been my favorite AB [autobot] next to Bumblebee
  • Bumblebee's going-to-college scene
  • Mrs. Witwicky and the 100% Organic Greens :)
  • Grampa Decepticon
But best of all, watching a Transformer movie feels like being a kid again, getting lumps in your throat when a robot dies [and lives again, heh], crossing your fingers hoping your hero wins and he does, choking on your popcorn because you're too entranced and believing the bad will never win over the good guys.

I am crossing my fingers there's a third installment :D