The Art of Bedbugging

You see, my friends at work and I have contributed a term to the dictionary, hence the word “bedbug.” As you can tell, it’s the perfect word for us; citizens who choose to lounge in bed all day, any day [well, weekends] and do nothing. Sometimes, we also do activities [i.e., surfing the net, binge eating, DVD marathon-ing and what have you.] It’s probably the most worthwhile exercise I’ve had in the last six months. I return to work every Monday feeling waaaayyy refreshed and inspired. For you, my dear reader, who toils and toils every day, I invite you to try this, at least once a month. Especially now that the weather is being more fickle than a woman, you’ll be surprised. Here’s a list of suggested activities for your resting pleasure.

a. Update your iPod, plug your earphones and do mental aerobic exercises. Groove [mentally] to upbeat tracks like, of course these are my favorites, feel free to revise according to will: ‘Just Dance’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Brooklyn We Go Hard’ by Jay Z. feat. Santogold, ‘Paper Planes’ by MIA or go back to the 90’s with ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ by The Chemical Brothers. If this won’t shock you out of your stupor, I don’t know what will.

b. Play to your heart’s desire. If you have a laptop, you can stay in bed and play online/computer games all day. These days, Facebook games are fast becoming the in-thing, with games such as Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Mafia Wars, Restaurant City, YoVille and Farm Town and FarmVille, [my super current favorite] thus contributing to the baggage I have in my eyes, aka EYE BAGS, yes, seriously. If you’d rather stay offline, The Sims 3, Diner Dash or Little Shop of Treasures are engaging games, they’re guaranteed you won’t notice time pass by.
Speaking of which, I'd like to show you my farm in Farm Town, named Kamote Farm
My pet, Lady Gogo in Pet Society
and my Farm in FarmVille

c. Marathon to no end. And I mean the DVD/TV kind. Still staying in bed, plug in your DVD player [call your yaya to do so, no standing up] and pop in a movie or a TV series. In such weather like this, the most fulfilling ones to watch are those that are such a trip – to somewhere, back or just plain funny. My suggestions are: Now and Then [1995], Shining Through [1992], Serendipity [2001], Nacho Libre [2006] , Old School [2003], or Cool Runnings [1993]. For the series, have a humongous belly laugh with How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory or 30 Rock.

What do you think? Are you a bedbug like me? :D