Bursts of Sunshine

You know how sometimes you get so engrossed with your worries all day [all week, even], turning yourself into a ball of nerves and you get hit by something so unexpectedly that suddenly everything is hearts and sunshine again?

I just underwent that delightful revelation a while ago, something I'm extremely grateful for.

I was doing my rounds of bloghopping when I chanced upon this. It was about her most recent purchase, pocket cards of inspiration. When her six year old brother smelled the paperie, the boy said, "It smells like God."** Isn't that the sweetest thing?

When I clicked on the link, I discovered the most wonderful things: Pocket Inspiration.

Travel light. Something I can apply to traveling
and real life because I have so many baggages!

Maya attributes this lesson to an acrobat
I second the motion.

Maya, former Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine Philippines is behind the wonderful cards that does so much to lift my spirits and inspire me [and a whole lot of ball of nerves out there.] 

This boxed set of five (5) Pocket Inspiration cards can have the same effect as a cheerleader or life coach, coaxing one to go for his or her dreams. Each card is rendered with my original, Japanese-style brush stroke illustrations, and carry the following messages:

“Just say yes” * “Step out in faith” * “What you focus on grows” * “Listen to your heart” * “Coffee, tea or therapy?”

Use these Pocket Inspiration cards with or without an envelope (this comes with 5 white envelopes with our Pocket Inspiration stamp). Slip a card into someone’s bag, in between the pages of a scrapbook (as I did here) or tack it on a mirror, next to someone's computer screen or on a vision board. As with all things that intend to bring joy, use liberally!

Each card is digitally printed on off-white card stock, 250 gsm, and measures 2 3/8" by 3" (folded) and is blank on the inside. The set comes to you packed in a lovely handmade folder-type box created using red corrugated board, tied with twine, a little note from me and a little ladybug pin for luck! The box and envelopes are mailed to you in a bubble wrap-lined envelope.

*from her Etsy Shop.

I've been thinking about all the cards' messages all the time on my way home and now I'm dying to buy a lot. You see, they kind of remind me of the store Becky Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic encountered while she was in Manhattan. I am just grateful that what I thought only existed in books was true! 

The problem though is that Maya is now based in SG and all payments must be made through Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard. As I've mentioned, I don't possess a CC that is under my name. Until I figure out how to buy , I will continue to be inspired just by looking at those wonderful cards online.

All images in this post and text in italics were lifted from Maya's Etsy Store.
** Special thanks to her.