On Writing.

Today, one of the people I admire [at work] emailed me this, rather out of the blue:

I think I know what your 'problem' is on writing. I think,and I may be wrong, but I do suspect that maybe you're finding it difficult to write when you're not writing from your own perspective, the way you as Tara Jerika will deliver messages.

You have a very strong personality, and for you to go against it may prove futile or result to material written from a conflicted perspective. Well, if you must know, you are a very engaging conversationalist. You interview people (Bam and Pia) and speak to many in a fluid, entertaining manner. and perhaps you should just keep it in your writing as well. I can name a number of writers who try their darnedest to write fluidly...and they find it difficult because they can't carry conversations well. so maybe you should try to always write the way you speak....It may be easier and will be much more fun.

As i recall, your speaking performance at the interview was your biggest edge....your boss to validate =)

Quite a jolt to the heart on a Friday evening. And a warm one at that.
Happy raining Friday, ya'll.