Ask.. and maybe, just maybe, I'll receive

When I think about it, I'm turning 24 in less than a week and I'm not the least bit excited, despite my subtle mentions. Or maybe, I was trying to convince myself that I really am not a kid fresh out of college anymore, despite feeling like one most of the time. To me, birthdays [at least, mine] have lost its meaning, there are no birthday candles to be blown out, I don't have to come home early anymore for a family dinner and there's no more dates [complete with candles and sparkling champagne] that awaits me.

I know, birthdays are supposed to be more than that. Quite frankly, I don't know what it should encompass, too. Maybe birthdays are supposed to remind you that you need some growing up to do and that decisions have to be made? Or not. You tell me.

Now on to not-so-emo things... They say that you only need to ask, in order to receive. I don't think I'll ever have these exact same items I'm listing but this is my way of sending signals to the karma gods and maybe, just maybe they'd be in front of my door soon, because I've been a really good and diligent girl this year.

A desk is a perennial fixture in my room and I'd die without one. This Ms. Cupcake Secretary Desk from Heima wins my heart! Unfortunately, I can't shell out Php 12,000 for it just right now.

Now, while on the subject of furniture [and moving, yet again], Heima has been giving me huge blows of temptation because I don't think I can resist this:

The Heima Happy Couch, Php 36,000

The Brooklyn Bridge

Meeting someone at the other side of the world has always been
a dream

Wanderlust. I've been bitten by the travel bug, despite me hating plane rides, being stuck inside vehicles and NOT driving [lest there's control of the iPod synced with the speakers]. NYC is my ultimate destination, followed by a Euro trip and then there's Santorini. Now, if only the stupid visas are that easy to get. Meantime, I'm content knowing I'm heading to Thailand in two months. Yay!

I've always wandered what's the career path of a librarian. I may be a walking disorder in terms of my things but I'm always always organized when it comes to books. My books at home in QC are lined up neatly, according to genre and arranged alphabetically, with a complementing Excel file containing their pertinent details. Books have always been my first love. When I read Mariel's post about finding your passion, I found myself reminiscing about my seven-year-old self reading books in the dark. Those times I started with Sweet Valley High books, moved on to Danielle Steel ones, Sidney Sheldon and now, Malcolm Gladwell and Al Ries. The point is, reading has always been my passion, but just reading won't take me anywhere, probably reason why I make a living out of my writing. However, if career growth was not an option, I'd gladly be a librarian so I can read all the books I want and not feel guilty.But because I'm not, I'd love to receive [and give] books on my birthday, especially ones by Jeffrey Eugenides, Haruki Murakami or Chuck Palahniuk. Just sayin'.

Oh and here's my gift for a dear friend --- because it's my birthday:

Haruki Murakami's Blind Willow, Weeping Woman
and a card from my Etsy haul

My own domain and a really nice layout. I've never gotten around to designing my own blog layout cos I love everything about my current one: the color, the spacing, the font --- everything. Truth be told, that's the reason why I haven't migrated to my new URL just yet, because it feels odd moving into it. Here I am again with my issues. But you get my point. Anyhoo, if I do ever win JaypeeOnline's $1,500 Thanksgiving Giveaway, complete with the domain, layout, Paypal cash, Licenses and all the shebang, then this won't be on my wishlist next year!

Holga 110

Lomo Love. Ever since my project with Team Manila and Lomo Embassy Manila in 2008, I've been meaning to get into the hobby cos IMO, it's perfect for me! First of all, while I feel like photography runs in my veins, I don't have the heart and energy to carry bulky SLRs in my purse all the time. All I ever felt like bringing is my trusty Sony Cybershot T70, and maybe a Holga or a Diana, whichever comes to me first. But more than it being un-bulky, the whole philosophy of Lomography has always captured my heart, and I shall act on it soon.

More than everything I've enumerated, here, really, all I want is just one day of peace of mind, de-stressing, and of blessedness. Maybe then those aren't too much to ask.

Photo credits: Heima Store, Gabrielle Loves, Before Sunset, Jennie Castillo and Lomo Embassy Manila