Skirting the Issue

My love affair with skirts have started since I was a kid. While I'd be wearing shorts during coffee sessions, or Bacardi-chugging ones, skirts have and will always the ones I'd save for special occasions, dancing nights or to-die-for events in my life. For someone who's been branded a 'girly girl' a whole lot of times, it is only apt to see various renditions of the wonderful creation called 'the skirt' in my closet.

Truth be told, I've been having serious attacks of lemmings, and this post is a poor excuse to satisfy them, in fact, I hardly make sense.

After a successful run of the Global Pinoy Bazaar, where me and my girlfriends supported my BFF with her booth,

 The Girls and I (in a ripped acidwash skirt, nonetheless)

I went around the Rockwell Tent and treated myself to a lovely, poufy dress from Poisonberry.

 The Fairytale Skirt (Php 1,400) by Poisonberry
as modeled by Tricia Gosingtian
(will post an OOTD once I wear mine)

As if the skirt purchase was not enough, my girl Mac released her new collection of skirts and I just died.  See for yourself below:

from the Maria Collection (Php 700)

I think I saw something like this at MNG the other day

And another one from Poisonberry, one I've been lusting over a lot:


 I don't think I made so much sense, eh? All I know is that I'm completely overwhelmed with the skirts and how good it will be to have them. Hope you all are having a fab week, though. BTW, I am quite giddy today, maybe because I'm turning 24, geez. But last night, C and I attended a marketing bash for one of the econ societies of UP last night, for work and being surrounded by these innocent faces made me feel so old! Ack.

Happy Tuesday, ladies!

*Poisonberry and City of Vintage photos are lifted from their official websites here and here.