Review: L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence

Among the many products of L'oreal, this has got to be one of the least reviewed products. I'm not sure if it was the double-cylinders that made it scary or if it simply sounded too complicated. I would know --- because upon seeing the package that arrived from Shopaholic Universe, I was dumbfounded on what I was going to do with it.

When I did a little research, L'oreal says:

Intensive double whitening action for a double efficiency:

The double pump enables to associate in one gesture two complementary essences for a double efficiency: anti-dark zones and pro-rosy transparency!

Double Action
1. More Rosy glow:
Enriched in new Tourmaline gemstone, that helps stimulate skin microcirculation, this essence gives you intense radiance and rosy glow.

2. Less Yellowish complexion:
To visibly tone down darknened zones, the formula contains:
Advanced Melano-Block™, which acts to regulate the melanin production at the source, to help skin become fairer.
Pro-Radiance Complex, a powerful combination of Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid, which helps exfoliate darkened surface dead cells charged with excess melanin, to boost skin transparency.

Immediately, skin is perfectly moisturized. Softer and smoother, it looks more transparent.
Day after day, skin is intensely fairer, more luminous and a rosy glow shines through!
With a very yellowish, ashy skin, I wouldn't mind being a little on the pink side. Is this finally the product I'm looking for?

Two dispensers with two different serums: The white one for anti-dark
zones and the pink one for rosy glow

After one month of religiously using this, together with the Day Cream from the same brand, here are my findings. Take note that I have combination to oily skin. This review was based on my experience.Should you use this product in the future, please do so with your own discretion.

What I loved about it:

  • Just like the Day Cream, I was glowing! Like, really, really glowing. I thought I had a bright skin before but I did notice the changes after two weeks of using it. I noticed that my skin was clearing and that there were no more dark spots here and there.
  •  Scent is okay. Not too strong and too light. However, if you're more of an 'unscented' person, this will be a con for you.
  • Two dispensers are fun. Seriously, I get a kick every time I pump the bottle because there comes two kinds.
  • The pump dispenser. Very hygienic and less chances of wastage.
  •  Longer Expiry Date. Unlike the normal 6M found in skin care bottles, this one has 12M, which means 12 months. Yay!
  •  Reasonably priced. At Php 845.00 for 30 mL combined, the product gives value for money.
  • Locally available. Again, L'oreal is a drugstore brand, available at almost every Watson's, PCX and SM Health and Beauty section nationwide. 

What I did not like about it:

  • It broke me out, which is just bad. Too bad. For the first two weeks, it wasn't doing anything to my skin and my skin was perfect. After that, I started breaking out in the chin area. To determine if it was the culprit, I stopped using it for two days and the rashes and zits were gone. Ack.
  • Aside from that, nothing really. Would have been a really great product if it didn't cause any breakout. And to think I rarely get violent skin reactions.

  • Press the pump equally to dispense both serums. 
  • Use on top of your daily moisturizing cream as this cannot substitute for your moisturizer or SPF.
  • May not be advisable for usage in the morning cos it can get a tad too oily. Perfect for night time, though. 

Have you used this product yet? How did it fare with you?
Hope the review helps.