In Search of the Perfect Luggage

I just had a Becky Bloomwood moment.

I realized I've neglected luggage shopping. But I've got a very good reason though. Before Cebu Pacific introduced dirt-cheap fares, I wasn't much of a traveler so I never really needed special luggage. Save for our family's annual out-of-town trips in my high school and uni years, all I ever went to were 1-hr plus trips and who needs special luggage for that, right?

Then I started working and I have been able to afford trips all on my own, then business trips [ack, I sound so adult!] came and the rest is history. Until this BB moment, I never realized I lacked so much in the luggage department. For the past years, I've only been using overnight bags for local trips (I pack super light!) and a trusty black, generic World Traveler luggage for out-of-country trips.

Now that I'm preparing for a South American trip, I owe it to myself [gee, I'm trying to justify a shopping urge] to buy myself a durable, TSA-accredited and unique [to pop out in the conveyor belt] luggage for lugging around. I've narrowed my choices to these after scouring the internet for days. Oh and it has to be as cute as this vanity bag my mother bought for me, too!

I really want this purple oyster hardside 29" luggage from Samsonite.

USD $88.90

Samsonite F'Lite 30"

Delsey Helium Zip 25" Suiter Trolley

I tried searching for bags like these ones at Travel Club last weekend but all they had in stock were generic black bags. Ugh. If I buy them online, would it arrive early enough? Ugh.

The search continues. Wish me luck!

What about you? What's your preferred luggage brand?
Share with me, pretty please? =)

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

Images from Luggage Base.