The Daily Optimistyque's Moleskine Contest

I'm not gonna lie: I like writing and doodling. And if there was any contest that I wouldn't pass up, that would be book and Moleskine contests. So that is why I'm sharing what I read from Caby's blog some weeks ago, as her sister, Anna, is giving away two (yes, two, not one!) Moleskines for her blogversary: (Photo and mechanics copied from Anna's post) :

There will be TWO WINNERS. The first will receive the Plain Notebook, while the second the Watercolour Notebook.
To qualify, simply follow these steps (at least the ones in BOLD):
  1. Blog about this giveaway and make sure you add a visible link back to this post.
  2. Subscribe/follow my blog through the Google Friend Connect (found on the right sidebar).
  3. If you have a feed reader (like Google Reader), add/subscribe to my blog feed.
  4. If you have Twitter, you can tweet about this too. Simply click the “retweet” button at the top of this post, then comment below and add the link of your tweet. :)
  5. Post a comment in this blog with your name, email, country of residence, and state why you want a Moleskine and what you’re planning to do with it if you win. Plus, paste the links to your blog/tweet about this giveaway too.
Winners will be electronically selected based on this post’s comments (so make sure you comment!), through

You have until Friday, April 30, 11:59 pm Manila Time (GMT+8), so hurry! :)

 What are you waiting for? Click the link for Anna's blog and start blogging this contest now!

Oh and  hey, while we're on the subject of contests, I'd like to invite you to vote for my entry in the HP Me and My City contest. It's just a click away and if I win, I will get you guys a present from NYC! :)

(Special thanks to Nikki for the photo I used as my entry).

Thanks in advance, lovelies!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,