This 2010, I will get..

Everything in this list. You know how they say that in order to get what you want, you should really think of it? Well, that is exactly what I'm doing now. Truth be told, part of the inspiration was Tessa's post, if her blog possesses the secret. What d'ya think? Hop on over to her blog!

Going back, I'm not quite sure if wanting to do and have all these things are part of going through the Quarter Life Crisis. If it is, it is quite a fun stage! I used to say that I may have hit the big bitch right before I turned 24, so it may not have to come when I will be 25. I am not sure if that was it or if the crisis concept is ever really real. To all over 25 year olds, is it true?

They say that at some point, you want many things. Some money can buy, some cannot. Some are within reach but you're too lazy to get it. Some are way beyond you that in the back of our mind, these are impossible to have, to do, to be. But I've seen so many people reach their dreams --- so impossibility is just a word. Just these recently, I've witnessed my friends attain their goals, one after another. One is slowly building up a family, something she's been dreaming of since we were in university, one just started a business and one is flying out in a few hours for an out-of-country secondment.

So I'm dreaming, right at this moment. And just as I've always done before, I'm sending out my wishes to the universe gods, so that they may come true.

1.  A Trip to New York City. I can't ignore it anymore. Lately, there had been too many signs pointing me to NYC, the giant Christmas tree, watching The Lion King Musical and Rent, going through all the museums, walking along Central Park, taking the SATC tour and probably coming back home with empty savings. Ah, I've envisioned it all. Until my head hits the wall that makes me realize how judged I'd been just because I'm from a third world country. Defending yourself that the Filipino Dream is not always going TNT in the US can get kind of annoying. Sometimes, it sucks to be the only one in the family with a Philippine passport. :[

This one is from the Israel run, though.

I swear, Phillip Klinger's photos are not making my wanderlust feel any better :[

2. Learn real and good cooking. When I first mentioned this to T and R over a cup of Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato, they almost spewed out their drinks. My family asked if I was getting married when I blurted out I wanted to go to the market to handpick my ingredients. After all, I wasn't the type who had a closet desire to don a pretty apron and get down to cooking. But don't we all break stereotypes? Lately, I've been wanting to trade writing hours for cooking but I always end up wanting to cook on times I'm so hungry I just settle what's quick to make. Ack. :[

I'm crushing on this non-stick pan from IKEA, Pyra, $7.99

Quinoa Mango Pudding [Source]
Who doesn't want to learn when this looks so good?

 Appliancist Sandwich Maker -- so I can make all my bread toasty and dark!

Disney Waffle Maker, Kitchen Critic UK
Because I will eat breakfast all day, everyday!

3. Watch a U2 Concert. I know this is quite impossible to happen in the country, as we don't have a 360 degree stadium where Bono can do his regular concert tricks and amazing effects. So I'm praying for a ticket to somewhere they'll be singing and the money for the concert tickets. I promise to be a real good girl and eat my veggies every night, Papa Jesus.

U2 at Ullevi [Source]

4. Go back to studying. And temporarily leave the corporate world. I'm dying to fill a thirst for learning for so long. I've been planning to go and take graduate studies but I don't think I can balance it out with work so I've decided that as soon as I get all the things I need for graduate school, I would give way to it. When? Maybe this 2010.

5. A new life insurance policy. Seriously. The ones I have are maturing so it's time that I add up for more coverage. Besides, the company I'm working for is releasing a new product that caters to the special needs of women!

6. Visit my friend C in the Land Down Under.

And have as much fun in the Oz.

Thank you in advance, Universe!
Happy Easter, everyone.