Finally, Bangkok

Note: This post is about two months delayed.

If you spend your day with me at least eight hours a day, you'd know that I've been wanting to go to Thailand --- Bangkok in particular for the past six months or so. Every time I attempted to book myself a trip, they always had some sort of a coup, or political unrest [like now, YET AGAIN!]

For a thrift shopper like me, Bangkok is synonymous to a large shopping basin that I was about to throw myself into. And boy, did I throw myself into major thrift shopping.

Of course, Bangkok is not limited to a bajillion bargains, the place is oozing with flavor and culture as well. I recall seeing miniature temples on each corner of the main streets, amazing gem-stricken temples, Siam Niramit and the street food! Let me elaborate:

1. The first thing we did upon landing on Thai soil is well, walk across their big-ass airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport. We were greeted by our tourist guide, Heng Heng. We were checked in at Arnoma Hotel, just across Central World [nine floors of mall goodness, but more on that later] and a tumbling away from Pratunam. We tossed our bags and headed out for some Thai street food. Manong driver brought us to a seafood restaurant instead, so we walked until we found a jolly-tuktuk, as I call it, and ate duck noodles. YUM!

At the Baggage Claim area at the airport

Dirty Mami, as C calls it. Duck noodles, YUM!

2. Say what you want but I make it a habit to try out the beers at all the countries I go to. For this trip, I had a bottle of Paulaner beer, which I'm really not sure of the origin [European, perhaps?] but tasted really good -- really malt-ish and dark! It was THB 100 [approx. Php 200].

3. The humongous mall Central World mall which boasts of nine stories and probably two blocks in land area. I literally died and went to retail heaven inside when I saw Forever 21. I could shop there forever!

Collective haul from Forever 21 and Pratunam. I bought so much I ended up
annihilating my friend's C's luggage with my things!

4. Bangkok Street Food. Can I say how much I like love it?

 Chicken Balls

Cuchay Balls [my favorite of all!]

5. Pink taxis and pink drinks.

Yep, all the taxis in Bangkok are pink!

Mc Donalds' Strawberry Fanta. Yummy!

6. Temples, religious artifacts and other cultural tidbits. What I love probably the most about Bangkok is that it is teeming with cultural whatchamacallits in every corner. It's too bad we weren't able to take photos in Siam Niramit [it's prohibited] but I'm sharing some photos from the temples anyway.

The Reclining Buddha

At some temple.

The closest shot of me and an elephant, outside the theater where they play Siam Niramit.

7. And of course, being with friends in a new city.

Outside our hotel, Arnoma.

Now, who wants to go back to BKK with me? :)