I Think, Therefore I am For Gibo.

I admit it --- I used to be for Manny Villar. Yes, the same Manny Villar who floods the airwaves with catchy campaign jingles and creative ads. The same Manny who's been the congressman of my hometown Las Pinas, where I grew up.

I still believe Manny Villar is a good candidate, despite the billions he's spent on TV ads and media buying. I think he has done an incredible job in Las Pinas, and as a senator, prior to running. But I've seen, too, how it went against him, thus turning off the whole of the country. In my book, I want someone who may not reek off with too many positive things, but I want my president to NOT reek of negative things. I want my president to not thrive in negativity and destruct the other camp. I want my president to have balls --- to decide for 90M Filipino people. I want my president someone who can unite this country.

It took me a long while to decide who to root for. After all, this has been the most exciting elections yet --- with a lot (or not?) of choices. But then it dawned on me. This is the man who has shown positivity and goodwill and kindness throughout his campaign. He may have a thing going against him --- he was from the GMA Administration ---- most unpopular administration ever --- but I think that is something that's far minor than any of the other candidates' competencies.

All throughout the period of election campaigns, I did not regret not being able to register again (my status says it's deactivated, damn it) until now. Until I've figured who Mr. Right (for President) is and how much I am supporting him.

The least I can do is pray --- for the thinking class of the Philippines to prevail and for this elections to be safe.

God bless the Philippines.