Things I Love Sundays: Bacolod

It feels like good karma. To expatriate, or not? Gold Schlager. Waking up at noon.Comebacks. Cuddles. The perfect cologne.

Calea Creampuffs. The best creampuffs in the side of Visayas. Ruins and feeling like an old world citizen.

The Ledesma Mansion. Ruins, Bacolod

This Swedish proverb. The Flys' Got You Where I Want You.Sexiest song ever made. But Sister Hazel's All For You spells what I am going through right now.


And my new Moleskine Watercolour, a prize I won from Anna of Daily Optimystique:

I cannot wait to immortalize these thoughts that are running through my head. What's keeping you happy in this gross weather? Tell me all about it.

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