The L'oreal INOA Experience = LIKE!

I have a confession to make: I'm a cheapskate when it comes to coloring my hair. I am not kidding. For me, hair grows so fast, I get a trim every now and then so if I ruin my hair {which I always do, by the way}, it's just going to grow back and I will have my virgin jet-black hair which I loathe and love to throw into fits of treatments.

Don't get me wrong. When I said 'cheapskate,' I didn't mean coloring my hair out of a can or a box that can be bought off your nearest drugstore. I don't believe in shampoo-in color, too. I just never buy the whole splurge on your hair thing. It's just not me. After all, I did say there were too many factors to hate about hair coloring, so if the more expensive service doesn't really give more bang for the buck, then I am swinging the other way.

When I was invited to the L'oreal INOA launch two weeks ago, we were also invited to try out the services in key salons in the metro. I had mine at the Straight and Smooth Salon along Amorsolo St. {a sister salon of Piandre}. Truth be told, I think it was also the universe's way of saying, "Don't be tamad. Go on and have your hair colored." And so I obliged.

First, the salon: Straight and Smooth Salon on Amorsolo St. is actually less than a month old! They just opened on June 13th, which explains why there wasn't any links posted about them yet online when I tried research about them {which makes me the first one to blog, yay!}. I have so many 'likes' about this salon and it's my pleasure to be sharing it with the blogging world:
  • Super near my office. I work in Makati, along Dela Rosa St. and Ayala Ave. which is basically the heart of the business district. I do most of my stuff in this city, more than I ever do in my home cities so a salon that's of walking distance from me is a good thing. Oh, and they have ample parking space, too!
  • Crisp, cool and calming surroundings. White and blue interiors, silver salon chairs, sweet-smelling air, and a very nice painting. How can I not almost fall asleep while having my treatment done?

  • Anti-boredom. "We see to it that our customers do not get bored during long treatments or if they came with companions, we don't want them getting bored," says Karen Okol, sales manager for Straight and Smooth. The salon boasts of 10 hair stations, all equipped with laptop-charging sockets, wi-fi and an Asus EEE PC if you forgot to bring a laptop. There's a wide array of magazines, too if you just want to read. As for me, I had my trusty iPhone in tow, and a book {Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert} so I was sufficiently entertained. Truthfully, I am glad they don't have a TV {erm, maybe I didn't see it?} because TV in the background with people chatting is never fun for me :|
A netbook for every client, cookies and iced tea

And magazines but I only read OK! {that's for you, Frances!}

...which was great because I saw this simply beautiful softest of pinks dress from Warehouse:

Apologies for the blurry quality. Taken from iPhone.
But nonetheless, TYPE!!! Must go to Warehouse STAT!

Now, the treatment. True to its promise, the INOA {Innovation No Ammonia} does not sting, nor smell. Honey, Straight and Smooth's resident Senior Stylist tinkered with my long locks for a good two and a half hours because the procedure tend to be more tedious. "Since the technology is through the oil delivery system and not the traditional process, stylists have to really make sure the chemical goes through each inch of the hair's surface, else it will just slide off." I told her I'd rather sit through double the hours of my usual treatments than endure the torture my hair, my skin, my scalp and my nose used to get.

The 'Before' Look. I look jejemon with my roots showing!

I originally wanted a fire-engine red color but this copper looked lovely
against my currently bronzy-kinagat-ng-lamok skin.


Colorants. Only because they are too cute!

That is how Copper 7,43 looks on a mixing bowl

I had a real good time having my hair colored that day. Incidentally, I remember always doing something new with my hair back in high school whenever I had the boy woes blues. I laughed out loud while seeing myself in the salon mirror but hey, that's another story. After two hours of meticulous coloring, two shampoos, chapters and chapters read, I now have a fiery copper mane. And that is courtesy of L'oreal and Straight and Smooth Salon and my blogger girlfriends {you know who you are}.

With Honey of Straight and Smooth Salon.
Yes, haggard ako.

With the superbly accommodating staff of Straight and Smooth.
Till the next!

And that is my talikodgenic pose.
My hair is straight for the night for photo purposes.
As of press time, my hair is back to its 'natural' state: CURLY!

Overall notes on L'oreal INOA:

  • The sting only came about one and a half hours later, but it was only mild and 0% sting, for me, is asking too much of the product.
  • To answer some questions from the comments, nope, there wasn't any change in texture with my hair, in fact, it seems to be even better {I have ridiculously dry hair}.
  • No increase in hair fall, in fact I have not seen a copper strand of hair anywhere near me. GOOD JOB!
  • Treatments start at Php 1,500, might be a little steep for your normal hair coloring job but if you were to ask me, it's worth it! I plan on coming back in three months for my touch up because I love, love this color on me.
  • Color coverage is AH-mazing. I previously had an ash blond color on me and the copper color covered it all superbly.

Let me know!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

*Straight and Smooth is located in UG Vernida 1 Condominium, 120 Amorsolo cor. Legazpi St. Makati City. Call them at (02) 7595105
{behind CAP building}