Going to Work would be much more fun if...

...if I had a week-long supply of Armani Prive -Fall outfits.

I get a kick out of wearing skyrocketing heels {on some, special days}, tailored skirts or trousers, and kick-ass suits. There is this incredible surge of inspiration and power and authority that comes from these garb that brings out the career woman in me. Ironically, not many women these days are like that, me included. Some days, I dream of becoming a plain and simple spoiled housewife, with worries including which salon to go to, where the sale is, or where to shop till I drop. But most days, my mind is filled of myself rocking expensive clothing:

I can definitely see myself in this tweed ensemble!

And I heard camel is in trend now.

Define flowy. And who knew two neutral colors could be the opposite of bland?

Now, this is fierce. Perfect for the boardroom!

And as always, I'm such a sucker for huge buttons.

Who doesn't want to be a career woman with these?
I'm in lust yet again!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

*Images from Fab Sugar.