My Youtube Picks for the Day

Because Monday is often a drag, I start it by catching up with emails, watching videos on Youtube, among them these videos:

Taylor Swift and Def Leppard sings When Love and Hate Collide
I never admit this in real life but I'm a BIG Def Leppard fan
and the original version of this song is in the Top 25 Most Played in my iPod!

I've been wishing for a remake of this just to make it a bit cooler and then poof!
I saw this video. Coolness!

And this one, of course, because this is my blog and I am allowed to plug shamelessly:

Piolo Pascual for It's Time! and Sun Life Financial
This one of the things why I haven't been getting enough sleep latelly
and why my weekends are always sliced in half. But no complaints!
It's all worth it!

Directed by: Jun Reyes
Concept by: Divine Reyes and Cecille Guidote for Unitel Productions
and Sun Life Financial Strategic Marketing Team

Makeup by: Peps Silvestre
Styling and Wardrobe Concept by: Yours truly and Ton Lao

Happy Monday!
I'm wishing I'll wake up to some Spanish victory and have some Spanish bread, too!
{Ano daw?}

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,