In My Bag - July 2010 Edition

It's been a while since I made an "In My Bag" post and looking back in my old post of what's in my bag, it seems like I've changed so much!

Well, I still have the same makeup case and I still have the same iPod but I think all the others have been with me for less than a year.

The Contents of My Bag:

  • Makeup Case, a freebie from Fasio when I bought stuff roughly two years ago.
    Contains two lipsticks, a blush on, an eye roll, two tubs of lip balm, three eye liners {why oh why do I bring it I have no idea}, one tube of mascara, a concealer, dental floss, wet wipes and a tweezer.
  • Marc Jacobs' Daisy. My current obsession in perfume. It smells like I'm this mahinhin girl. Totally spiffy!
  • Bubuyog shades from Promod. I got this for Php 795 in Ayala Center Cebu and I love how it's totally fab without being overpriced. On extra-special days that I know I won't be squishing my bag, I bring my Marc Jacobs sunnies.
  • iPod Nano 2nd? Gen. I have about over a thousand songs but I'm itching to remove some I'm so embarrassed when played out loud. I got my songs from a lot of PCs and laptops so I don't have them on backup. Thank goodness for software like SharePod, which allows you to rip songs from an Apple iPod!
  • White Nine West wallet. My wallet contains more cards than money cos I hate carrying cash! I wish debit cards were more uso in the Philippines *sadface* I dislike using CC, too but well, I guess withdrawing from the ATM should do. My wallet has one credit card, three ATM cards, one debit card, one Powercard, two airline membership cards {Delta Airlines and PAL's Mabuhay Miles}, two HMO cards {one personal and one from the company I work for}, a TIN card, my drivers' license {which is expiring on November 2010, damn!}, a few of my business cards, a company ID and a spare key to my car. Whew.
  • Messy Bessy Little Warrior Hand Sanitizer. There is no reason why a girl shouldn't bring a disinfectant. Oh and it's organic, too!
  • Whatever book I'm reading, and currently it's Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I can't wait to finish it!
  • Keys, VPN {Virtual Private Network token} and USB Internet sticks. Well, the keys are the keys to my apartment and to my luggage, the VPN and the USB are for when I need to go online wherever and connect to the office network, which happens most of the time.
  • Apple iPhone. I used to have a Nokia 6300, which made me really happy with its text/call capabilities, decent camera and GPRS capability. However, a recent trip proved me that I need a wi-fi-enabled phone lest I charge another amount of a third-world debt to my card. And have I ever told you I am in love with this phone?
  • Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Film. I usually just buy the pink grapefruit variant but the Watsons' in my building ran out of it so I'm stuck with this generic variant :|
  • MAC Studio Fix in NC 30. Because I want it non-fussy these days.
  • SLF HK umbrella. Because the weather can be quite crazy and moody. And having an umbrella makes it so much easier to hail a cab. True story.
  • Belle de Jour planner. I write my to do list on my way to the office and refer to it every now and then. I do feel a bit lost if I had not been able to write down what I need to do. Oh and I have written my goals here, too!
  • A toothbrush {not in photo} and a little tube of toothpaste. I used to not bring a toothbrush all the time because I have one in every place I stop {office, home, my car, my friend's home etc.} However, nowadays, I rarely drive to and from my destinations and I hate being stuck with flurry teeth so I have my teeth kit with me everywhere.

I would totally love to snoop in your bag, albeit digitally! So please do post your 'What's In My Bag?' blog if you have!

Happy Tuesday!