When you have a Life like Mine...

You need Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. {and yes, this is my entry to Frances' Kiehl's contest!}

The thing is, I've never led a healthy life. For one, I have smoked during the last five years of my life plus an occasional puff every now and then. Sue me, but it's SO HARD!!!! :| My lifestyle will be the death of me. And at the moment, it is the death of a once-smooth and soft skin.

F! I'm borrowing your photo ha :)


If you've been reading Beauty for a Living, {which I hope you are because it's just chock-full of beauty tips and contests}, you'd know that the author, Frances, a dear friend, is going through a beauty challenge from Kiehl's. According to the challenge, one must follow these simple steps in order to achieve beautiful, soft and smooth skin! I've included my notes why it seems like I shall never have great skin, just so you know how I need this little miracle in a bottle in my life:

  1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. I go to bed at 2 AM and wake up at 6 AM if I actually pay attention to the alarm, 7 AM if I don't and just snooze it endlessly. Bleh :P
  2. Drink soothing beverages like herbal infusions or milk before bedtime. It used to be a barrage of SMB Light or Gilbeys' Premium every other night but nowadays I settle for a glass of red. Still doesn't fall under 'herbal infusion' or 'milk,' does it?
  3. Avoid exercise near sleepy time. For some reason, I always feel like running around the neighborhood at night so I end up running a few blocks before dozing off.
  4. In the afternoon and early evening, stay away from stimulants like coffee, green tea and colas. WAHHHH! This is so hard to do because I even drink coffee before sleeping, di ba BFF?
  5. Enjoy relaxing activities, like a warm bath, before going to sleep. Ah, this one I do :) YAY!
  6. Shut the TV off when you're ready to sleep. Erm, I actually leave the TV turned on while I'm trying to sleep. It's not that we have all that money to burn for electricity. Sometimes, I just don't feel comfy sleeping in the dark and alone so I turn to the TV to keep me company. I do this especially when I'm on a business trip and sleeping alone in a hotel room. So sue me again.
  7. Curb your alcohol consumption. Sigh. See #2.

I know it's kind of presuming to just leave it all to the little bottle of serum to fix all my skin sins and not do anything on my part but if I actually had one, I would be empowered to follow these steps {even for just a time, I should be honest} because then it will be sayang. I still believe that even the best skincare regimen will not work if the user is doing un-healthy things {like I am} :(

My most recent photo {I dislike taking pictures of myself nowadays because I'm not glowing.}
And that photo above is deceiving, it's much worse in real life.

But I just need a kick off to this healthier lifestyle for my skin's sake.

And so to make things official:

I want to try Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate because I want to take
the challenge to a healthy, soft and smooth skin {and a lifestyle, too!}

I hope I win my very own bottle of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Beauty For A Living! Wish me luck! :)