Oh My God, you guys! Legally Blonde, the Musical

When I first heard of Legally Blonde coming to Manila, I wasn't psyched at all. True, Legally Blonde is my ultimate guilty pleasure {I watch this during every after heartbreak I encounter} and it never fails to cheer me up. Besides, Elle and I just have too much in common! {I'm actually guilty of printing my resume on pink linen paper and spraying it with Gap Dream. Ask my boss about it.} I loved all the elements from the movie and especially the OST that I figured whatever they'll be singing at the musical wouldn't be from the fabulous soundtrack.

However, because my friends were raring to go and watch it, I decided to try it and I must say my Php 800 was worth it {No, I wouldn't have paid more for that musical.}. Last Friday, instead of our usual wine {for me, beer for them} night, we braved the EDSA traffic, parked at Podium and walked over to Meralco Theater to watch Nikki Gil and the rest of the cast of Legally Blonde the Musical.

Nikki Gil - Elle Woods
Guji Lorenzana as Warner Huntington III -Elle’s handsome but shallow ex boyfriend
Nyoy Volante as Emmett Forrest- The charming teaching assistant & associate lawyer and Elle’s ally
Geneva Cruz as Brooke Wyndham- Elle’s exercise guru client who is accused of murdering her billionaire husband
Jett Pangan as Professor Callahan- One of Elle’s teachers at Harvard and the head Lawyer of Elle’s first case
Cris Villonco as Vivienne Kensington- Elle’s headstrong rival and Warner’s fiancée
Jinky Llamanzares as Paulette Bonafonté- Elle’s beautician and loveable friend
Calvin Millado as Kyle (The UPS delivery guy)- The “special friend” of Elle’s beautician Paulette.

Nikki Gil who leads the Manila production of Legally Blonde The Musical in her role as Elle Woods- the bubbly BLONDE who proves that “first impressions are not always correct”, you can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it and that in life “you must always have faith in people and most importantly… you must always have faith in yourself.”

An offering from Atlantis Productions The Manila production of Legally Blonde The Musical is directed by Chari Arespacochaga who is also responsible for the successful direction of several other musicals including Spring Awakening and Doubt.

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the 2001 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Motion Picture of the same name which starred Reese Witherspoon you can be sure that The Manila Production of Legally Blonde The Musical will deliver and have everyone in the theatre on the edge of their seats begging for more.

While I did love the song, "Oh My God, you guys" I couldn't imagine listening to it for a lot of times, as say other musical's songs like Seasons of Love or Defying Gravity. Most of the songs had the same rhythm, too, which was a downer :(

The acting, the enunciation and the accent were all impeccable though. One thing I know that's important to musicals is how good they are in delivering their lines and exaggerating their actions plus sing, too. My hats are off to Geneva Cruz who did the kakahingal jumping jack routine perfectly! However, my most favorite of all would be the gay couple in the courtroom who had an onstage kissing scene {super cute!}. Oh, and Calvin Millado, too, who didn't sing a song but pranced around the stage in a pair of skimpy UPS shorts!

The Legally Blonde set at Meralco Theater

My qualms are with the choice of leading man. While I do not necessarily dislike Nyoy Volante and his songs, I didn't think he and Nikki had an onstage chemistry at all, which kind of ruined the whole love story angle of it but oh well.

Overall, it is a fun and fab musical, complete with nakaka-LSS songs and shoes you'll be left lemming for {I especially lusted over the hot pink pumps Elle was wearing in the last part.} This is a great bonding show with girlfriends, and maybe men are best left out of it as it's an explosion of all things pink.

Those are my thoughts on the recently concluded Manila-run of Legally Blonde. Have you watched it, too? What do you think?

My friend and I just bought tickets to Cats, too, only because my mother said she'd disown me if I don't watch it. I hope my opinion of nagkekwentuhang mga pusa changes after I watch it, though!

Happy Monday, loves!