The Fatal Attraction of Chloe

I first heard of the movie Chloe {starring Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson} from my friend Tiny, who wonders it shall be shown in conservative Manila with all its all-too-graphic nude scenes. I couldn't say how either, and the only answer to that was to watch the movie.

I could say that shock was one of the first emotions I felt. After all, I recently saw Amanda Seyfried on Letters to Juliet and she portrayed a completely different character. If there was much merit in this film, it definitely belongs to Seyfried and Moore, whose acting are both gripping I felt like I was watching Glenn Close on Fatal Attraction.

Catherine Stewart {Moore} is a gynecologist in Toronto who suspects her husband {Neeson} was having an affair. Plagued by a nagging insecurity, she hires Chloe {Seyfried}, whom she bumps into once at a restaurant. Chloe displays weird behavior, insisting Moore keeps her hair pin.

The movie then continue to revolve around Catherine's and Chloe's relationship, while the former keeps on paying Chloe to find out about her husband. In the midst of Chloe's twisted storytelling, Catherine discovers her husband once again, therefore fanning the flames of her insecurity and gripping torture as a distraught, cheated-upon wife. But once she wanted to stop the whole affair, she found herself caught in the web of Chloe's desire and scheming ways.

The Good:
  • The movie eerily feels like a mix of Fatal Attraction {a 1987 movie}Nathalie {2003} and Unfaithful, where the elements of the sets and cinematography speak well for the storyline. Set in Toronto, it was refreshing, too, to see not-so-familiar landmarks like it does when a movie is shot in New York City.

  • Amanda Seyfried deviates from her all-American sweetheart image in this movie as she plays a 'misunderstood,' 'lacks-a-mother's guidance' prostitute. Not only did she have scenes with Liam Neeson {the father}, she also had the controversial girl-on-girl scene with Julianne Moore, she also had one with the son, Michael Stewart {played by Max Thierot}, wherein she goes on a shoe-gasm. I was impressed at how vast Seyfried's range as an actress is becoming, with roles much far from her debut role as Karen in Mean Girls. At one point {photo below}, I was scared she was just going to kill everyone in the set because of fury.

  • The Twist. Some might say it's predictable but I dare say I was taken aback by how treacherous the scenes are playing out.
  • Julianne Moore. She was impressive as Clarice Starling in Hannibal and she was as impressive in Chloe.
The Bad:
  • There is much nudity on the film, courtesy of both Seyfried and Moore and their love scene is extremely graphic so prepare yourself if you're watching this film.
Overall Notes:
  • Watch it if you're in the mood a good thriller with bits of sexual scenes {you gotta be prepared though}. I was a bit taken aback by the provocativeness of it all but in all fairness to Adam Egoyan {the director}, it was done with class and taste.

Have you seen Chloe? {Yes, two consecutive movie posts because I spent the last three days watching movies and for once they are not chick flicks, yay!}

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