Just Like a Childhood Sweetheart

Hello, ladies! How is your day so far? It's a Wednesday {already, Saturday, I can't wait to be with you!}in Manila and I'm off to a Digital Marketing Summit with IMMAP today. But before that, let me share with you one of my 'childhood sweethearts,' Cream Silk.

 Cream Silk Blue, Damage Control variant

I've started using Cream Silk conditioner back in the 90s when I was old enough to choose my own conditioner. Actually, even if I still did not need conditioner {what four year old would need one?}, I would always make my yaya apply the classic blue cream silk on my hair. And that made me terribly happy as a kiddo. I had super soft and smooth hair and back then I had straight black hair so my hair was heaven to touch. I loved the smell: it was not girly nor manly but it smelled clean almost crisp. It was fairly easy to wash off and it did not turn my scalp into an oil mine after a couple lot of hours. It truly was the sweetheart of my childhood hair.

The classic packaging! And a pre-Aga Muhlach Charlene Gonzalez

When I grew up to become a grade schooler, high schooler and onto my college years, I've experimented with various variants of Cream Silk {the light with baby oil one, pink, black, green, white} plus other supermarket brands {I remember Finesse, Vidal Sassoon and Suave}, came back to Cream Silk blue and got more maarte  and tried other brands such as Clairol {my college sweetheart}and experimented even more.

Until recently, I was reunited with my childhood sweetheart of conditioners: Cream Silk Blue. I haven't been using it for a while as you may well know {and I'm sure, relate}, there's been a deluge of hair products in the market for years now and as someone who's in constant search for a product that works, we ought to be looking and trying and testing. For one thing, I noticed the packaging is similar to most local conditioners {eg. Pantene and sister brand Sunsilk}. Did their formula change from all those years?

NO. It is still love, after all these years *sniff*

The Good:
  • The same old formula, whatever it was, is still the formula. Same scent, too!
  • My hair felt so soft I can still brush it in the afternoon when it gets tangled. I have a confession: I never brush my hair. I don't even bring a hair brush because having permed hair takes off that responsibility as you only need to brush it during conditioning time but now I do in the afternoon and my hair is cooperative!
  • No oil mines. The problem with some conditioners is that while they may be able to provide the moisture you need, they become too oily or moisturizing at some part of the day thus causing to lose your hair's body and that is such a drag. With Cream Silk, my hair was in its natural bouncy state so YAY for that!
  • Easy to wash. One of the downsides of using conditioner every day is having to thoroughly washing hair lest we suffer limp hair because the moisture drags it down. Despite it being able to do its job of making hair soft and smooth, it is also not a pain in the back to wash. 
  • Damage Control, indeed. If you've been reading this blog, you probably read from previous entries that I'm not the most healthy-haired persons in the world. I tend to abuse my hair with regular hair color and perming. My hair is damaged but it seems healthier now, as noted by my male colleague and friend, J.
  • The price is very reasonable. If I'm not mistaken {haha, sorry I have forgotten how much it costs}, it's around Php 110 to 125 {USD 2.50 more or less} . That's very reasonable for a 100 mL conditioner!
The Bad:
  • I have no amor for the packaging. I wish it'd be more girly, more fun, something exciting! It all feels the same, standing together with the other brands and I feel like I'm just using a mediocre product when I look at it when it fact it does a great job. Sayang.
  • Other than that, I'm very happy with Cream Silk blue! Blue talaga eh, no?
Will I buy this again? But of course! But it might be fun to try the other variants for the mean time.

What about you? What's your conditioner/childhood sweetheart story?