I Wished. I Received.

Last year, just before my birthday, I wished for a new domain and a really nice layout. Less than a year after, I finally got my wish!

Technically, I did not get it for free because I paid for it, albeit really cheaply. My developer, who was at the office for some requirements asked me if I wanted to fix my blog after we were done with our work. So I said, in between details and things I was still fixing before I left for Davao, sure, as long as my old URL would still be redirected to the new one. And it is!

After about ten minutes, he called me to show me that my blog now shows the new .com address plus the favicon above, which he created for me, too. Exciting!

Not really, I mean, it's not exactly the newest idea in the world (I do this all the time for work but for new sites) but I didn't realize it's so fun and exciting to get rid of the host's (Dear Blogspot, sorry naman) name. Plus, it's just thrilling to know you own a piece of name in the world wide web.

As for my layout, I don't think I have the heart to change it! I'm so in love with it, despite it not showing the link to 'Older Posts' on the bottom of the page. Someday I'll have the energy to tinker with it. Hopefully. Maybe. {On related matters, my Tumblr page did get a makeover.}

Aside from this little bit of news, I have so much to blog about {I've indulged in so many food trips, movies and did I mention I did win Beauty for a Living's Kiehl's contest, OMG right?) but work's crazzzzyy, as always, that it has to come first before blogging! As I type this, I'm here at Davao resting from a ton of paperwork I brought along with me before we head out for a press conference tomorrow.

I hope you all are having a fab week!