Beautiful, Clean Skin, Jackets and a New Blog

Hello, ladies! I just arrived from the city of smiles {Davao} and tonight, a Friday night nonetheless, I'm staying in and camping in my room! After three days of work and more work, I decided I needed to give myself some rest and just stay and enjoy some peace and quiet. Oh and while reading Cosmopolitan's August issue on the plane, I had an epiphany: I wouldn't trade being a girl in my life! Looking at Maricar Reyes' lace dresses and amazing makeup, this issue's beauty awardees, I realized there is nothing about being a man that I'd exchange for being a woman. I realized that every time we put on make up, apply skin care or spritz on perfume, we even become more than the works of art that we are, but more on that topic next time.


Here are some things why it's so fun to be a girl! Today, I woke up to some nice posts, especially this one from a dear blogger friend, Emily! It's only been two months since she's started blogging but here she is, being very generous and all, giving away three bottles of shu uemura cleansing oils! Go, go, go hop on over to her blog and join the contest! Good luck!

Photo swiped from Ems' blog

Speaking of giveaways, another blogger, Lloyda of Fashionista Fortune Cookie, who is every bit of a fashionista in all her preggy glory, is also giving away three jackets from Giordano and Shoparazzi! Wow, everyone is so generous, these days!

I personally would like to win this off white cropped trench jacket. Lately I've been having a white obsession and this just fits the bill for my white lemmings!

Photo swiped from Lloyda's blog
The mechanics are fairly simple so go, go, go join!

And speaking of blogs, I'd like you all to welcome a dear friend to the blogging world: Kat Dy and her blog

 The blurb says it all. Sweet white wine it is!

I've only met her a couple of months ago {and on a rather spontaneous trip, and on her birthday, too!} but I knew I was about to have a good friend when she warmly welcomed me during the first time we met. Plus, we have so many common friends, too! Also, Kat has previously been the Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan Philippines, so I've always read about her and her works and it's just fitting that she shares with us all her fashionable, don't-need-to-break-the-bank finds, right? Like this pair of cute metallic flats she found at French Sole in NYC {where she's studying for surprise! Fashion!}

 What a gorgeous find, yes?
Photo swiped from Kat's blog

Go on over to her blog to find out about the cute story how she found it. Don't forget to follow her, too so you wouldn't miss her future fab posts, okidokie?

Anyhoo, I'm off to clean my room {OC, much?} and after that, I have a date with a cup of hot chocolate and a marathon of Grown Ups, Chloe and An Education. This Friday night is super fun!

Sending cheers from my room on a Friday night,