Chronicle of The Note on The Windshield

As I had been cleaning my shelves on Sunday afternoon while dancing to Tom Jones'/Chicane's Stoned in Love, I came across funny knick knacks stored in containers and boxes. It's kinda usual because anything from my old photos to mementos I don't remember keeps making me mentally laugh.

But this, this one, took me by surprise. When I saw it, I laughed a genuine laugh and wondered, "Whatever happened to this guy anyway?"

This note is more than five years old.

A little background: Someone left me a note on my windshield when my car alarm started ringing nonstop. Apparently, a guy who goes to my school and parks in the same parking area saw my car alarm was blaring out alarm noises for hours. He decided to wait for me but apparently I was gone till late night {what I was doing I can't really remember} so he left a note. I have replied with a note, I think, and this was his response {I really should find the first one}. Apparently, we knew each other by face, with our classes beginning and ending almost at the same hours. I remember him always parking his Big Horn, too, beside my red sedan. I think we kept on exchanging notes and addressing each other by our plate numbers until he finally got ahold of me at the parking lot. We eventually went on coffee dates, maybe twice or thrice until I realized I had a boyfriend and thinking back, I really should have dumped him for this guy instead.

I wonder whatever happened to XJA 795? Oh gosh, I can't even remember his name, all I remember is that his name starts with an O and that he was a pretty interesting and cute guy.

PS: I tried to dial the number on the note and unfortunately it's not working anymore. Ha, landi ko lang.

What about you? Have you encountered something peculiar from your past lately?