Do it For Me

Because I'm on a self-imposed hiatus {technically, I have no plans of going anywhere absolutely unnecessary and the slightest feel of a crowd gives me migraines}, I am urging you, dear readers to shop for me, please, and take advantage of What a Girl Wants' insane sale.

If you're going, don't forget to print out a coupon {below} and get an additional Php 100 off for every Php 1,000 spent. INSANE!

Some of my coveted items from What a Girl Wants' Lookbook:

Nothing more to ask for when you have lace and polka dots.

More lace and polka dots. And houndstooth.

Clouds of pearls, striped blazers and adorable skirts. <3

Please, please shop for me. I'm too lazy and impatient to get out of my house.

*I don't know why I'm doing this myself. This is torture. And no, I wasn't asked to promote this. I am just in love with a lot of things in the store.