Fully Booked Has My Loyalty

It started with this:

I have searched far and wide for 'Alaska' only to find it in the little nook that is Sketchbooks in Greenbelt 3, much thanks to the staff of Fully Booked Greenbelt 5.

Then it was this, which I also inquired for via email and have had my friend pick up for me:

Which I have not yet even finished reading because it's like a good meal
that needs to be savored. Word for word.

And now, it's this:

Anagrams by Lorrie Moore
Because I've been stalking Sasha's blog and hers is a blog that
I take seriously.

I mean, how can you not?

By the end of our marriage I was sitting in our house in outer suburbia, wondering, Where does love go? When something you have taped on the wall falls off, what has happened to the stickum? It has relaxed. It has accumulated an assortment of hairs and fuzzies. It has said Fuck it and given up. It doesn’t go anywhere special, it’s just gone. Energy is created, and then it is destroyed. So much for the laws of physics. So much for chemistry. So much for not so much.
- Benna {Anagrams, Lorrie Moore}

This is another one:

Our laughs grow louder and hazy. Soon we are kissing. Soon we are unbuttoning. I haven’t kissed or unbuttoned in a long time and it’s like, at long last, a meeting of friends, falling into a familiar, ineffable dance we’ve both learned elsewhere, long ago, but have revived here, a revival! perhaps like Agness DeMille’s Oklahoma! something like that. It is as if our separate pasts were greeting each other, as if we were saying, This is how I have been with other people, this is how I would love you. If I loved you. Everything always seems to boil down to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Off you would go in the mist of day and all that.

So I emailed two bookstores in near proximity, so I could immediately get my hands on this baby and here were the answers. {I should say though that before I received the emails I just had to walk over to Greenbelt to look for it but didn't find it so I bought this instead}:

But I still couldn't sleep so I was a little ecstatic girl when I saw this:

Never mind that she called me a Mister, I don't care. They're transferring my book {only one of two in stock} to a branch I'm near to and they're texting me when it's ready for pick up. Plus, the price is not bad, at Php 585

Especially if you compare to this:

Not really bad but all I can say is, it helped me determine who I'd love to be loyal to starting today.

Love ya, Fully Booked!