Charmed! With the New Charm Luxe Kabuki

My biggest qualm about replacing sponge and puffs with brushes is that they tend to be really bulky. Back in the days when I still had the luxury of time to shake my booty at the most happening clubs in the metro, I had a teeny weensy handbag with my MAC Studio Fix compact and my Venus and Mars large brush. I didn't really have any room for anything more, save for keys, a wad of money, my phone and a pack of oil blotters and an occasional lipstick. Most brushes, as I am sure you can relate to, has that tendency to hoard your bag's space.

The Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki Brush on my office table {notice the ashtray which I use as a caddy for USBs and my mirror, of course}

The baby brush comes with a pouch, too. And it's WASHABLE!

And while I still do love my V & M brush to this day, I don't like the fact that it's so hard to fit it into some of my evening bags. Everyday is not a problem, I have a big-ass bag I lug around and I can carry five of them if I had to. But for night time, and for dates, we all need a little baby brush to tote around. Cuteness mandatoryCharm's Luxe Kabuki Brush is a heaven-sent.

This is the even more travel-friendly and space-saving version of the Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush, which is perfect inside your clutch bag, or any smaller bag! You never have to skip bringing retouch tools, as the Charm Mini Kabuki Brush, is small, but terrible. It might be small, but it is dense enough to pack on foundation, blush, and finishing powder! You never have to struggle for space with this little wonder!

I got the baby brush on a Monday night and after careful but thorough washing, I finally got to use it on Wednesday, during my rush morning routine. What I noticed, without intending to, is that it was so dense, it took more than one night to dry it off.

Now, on to the good and the bad.

The Good:

  • Like a good soldier, the Charm Mini Kabuki Brush delivers where we need it the most. Every makeup aficionado knows that one of the philosophies of good makeup is having a stable and even base. The entire face is our canvass and thus, an even application of foundation {mineral or otherwise} is an important feature of a brush. Glad this does that. Otherwise, what's the point?
  • Density, as I've mentioned above is a noticeable characteristic of this brush. The brush is so packed it took more than one night to dry it off completely. As it is dense, it packs just enough powder to deposit on the face and it's good that it feels like there is no product wastage.
  • No shedding. Washed this pretty vigorously {OC much?} and I'm wonderfully surprised I did not see any white/pink strands on my green lababo. 
  • The super short handle gives me full control of the foundation application, thus giving justice to the brush's density.
  • IT'S PINK. Need I say more?Though of course, some people don't like their brushes' hair pink nor white so that may be bad for some.
  • It goes onto my face really softly
  • It's so tiny I don't have to bring my big brush anymore. YAY! More space on my already super sikip makeup bag. Funnily, I have quite big long fingers but the baby version {there's a mommy version} fits quite snugly into them when applying my makeup.
  • The pouch solves the problem of where to store the brush inside my bag. I like it that it has its individual pouch that I can wash every time baby brush goes to cleaning.
  • I can fit in little jars of mineral makeup for night outs. Except that I don't go out at night as much as I used to. Still.
  • Price at Php 300 is very reasonable. Oh and it's available online, too! 
  • The hair is made of synthetic material, the foundation {and blush} will not color the bristles permanently.

The Bad:

  • I wish I had it sooner. And just to show my foundation application for the day, here's a different FOTD {because I snapped away and read a very nakakataranta email at the same time, hence the face.}

Face: Ellana Minerals Premium Blend
Eyes: Maybelline e/s
Eyebrows: Revlon Brow Fantasy
Mascara: Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara
Blush: NARS Oasis
Lipstick: NYX Rose

Overall Comments:

  • The Mini Kabuki Brush is one that's limited to owner's use, I can't imagine using this on any one of my random makeup gigs, which is fine because the only person I care the most applying foundation is of course, in true narcissistic fashion, myself. If you need a brush for yourself, anywhere, this is what you'll be needing.
  • I've always meant to get this and now that I have it, I really don't know what took so long. Thanks again, Sophie!
  • I'm kind of scared the aluminum handle would turn wonky or rusty after a lot of washes but I don't think this will happen in the next couple of years, except if it gets run over by a ten wheeler truck, which I promise not to let happen. Plus, I wouldn't really have it any other way because plastic would have been tacky.
  • If you're not iffy using the same brush for a blush brush, this little baby can do that, too!
  • This is a great makeup bag staple, especially for us girls who do not retouch eye makeup anymore, just foundation and blush and lippy. 

Hmm, I think I know what I'm getting someone for Christmas =) {that's you, C!}

Do you own any kabuki brushes? Or this one from Charm, too?

What's your experience?

*Product was given to me as a gift but everything above are all my non-influenced opinion.
Pink things and butterfly kisses,