I Miss Partying

You know the ones. When you chug a handful of alcohol {my favorite being Absolut Apeach vodka with Red Bull} and hit that perfect balance of being inebriated but still perfectly aware of your surroundings, dance to your heart's content, all bedecked in a rockin' frock and hair wildly flying away. I miss that.

I used to go to parties a lot, and for no good reason. I went because it was somebody or the other's birthday. I went because I want to go out, I went because I can't fall asleep, or just because an agitated girlfriend came picking me up in the middle of the night and knowing me, I'd put on a dress even if I'm in my jammies already. For girlfriends.

Quite frankly, and at some point, embarrassing, I was the last one in our group to outgrow the partying scene. Can't really call it 'outgrow' because obviously I miss it and and at some point I know I'll find myself getting lost in the bass and the strobes once again. It's just that life keeps happening, with work taking the helm. The thing about having a great job {that's relative, BTW} is that one tends to spend so much time in it and forget all about the other fun things to do. I still get to do fun stuff, but I really just want to go party. Or something.

And so, now that I want to but is chained to my desk for what seems to resemble my old thesis days, all I can really do is think about tracks I would have danced or swayed to if I was at someplace fun. See, after that mishap at Republiq, I really don't want to come back there anymore. Plus, their choice of music every Saturdays just don't cut it for me.

Presenting, my party playlist:

David Guetta ft. Fergie, Gettin' Over You

Memories, David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi

Christian Dior Denim Flow, Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi, Pusha T. John Legend,
Lloyd Banks and Ryan Leslie {whew, how many people just had to sing in this song?}

Little Bit, Lykke Li and Drake {only because I can sway, not dance to this song
for a long, long, long time}

Off That, Jay Z ft. Drake and Timbaland

I really wish I could party soon. :{