Online Shopping:

Long before Multiply has been appearing on magazines like Entrepreneur, I have been unabashedly, been shopping online. I remember going to malls, not to shop anymore, but to go to GCash or to the bank to pay and scramble my way out to the parking. Maybe it's the huge crowd? Maybe. All I really know is that the last place I'd like to spend my time in nowadays are the frikkin' malls. No parking, no space to breathe in, no quietness to attain {ok, maybe I am asking too much}. I guess Quarter Life Crisis is turning me into a completely opposite being but I like it. Now back to mall-ing. Truly is, the Olympic sport of Filipinos.

I guess at some point, I cannot truly ever, ever, shun physical shopping and malls. I still do groceries and I still buy my toiletries at a Watson's outlet but I try to avoid it if I can. Now that I've been honing my discipline on credit cards, I've allowed myself to indulge with some online shopping in the US, things I've done before but never shared {haha, Zappos, Amazon and Sephora and my mother's address spell trouble}. Of late, I've been at, spying out perfume, home scents and candles because I've been obsessing over homey things {IDK why}, like these Daphne Osena-Paez linens but let me show you some more stuff I've been meaning to buy at

Voluspa Japonica Black 3 Wick Candles, $ 17.80

I have an obsession with scented candles. Like, seriously.
One of my favorite candles ever are the ones my mother sent me,
forgot the brand but it was of Christmas Berries and Vanilla
I'm almost running out on these so this sugar-scented {I'm curious!}
little things are tickling my fancy.

elizabethW Perfume Diffuser, $71.30

I love the fact that one doesn't need heat to make the lavender scent
of this oil spread into thin air. I know this will probably make me sleep even
longer and will make it even harder to get up but don't you just love
falling asleep to the scent of lavender?

Sarah Jessica Parker's eau de toilette NYC, $48.50

I have always thought I'd like to emulate Carrie Bradshaw, and I guess at times
I do succeed {I've been told I sound just like her, especially when I'm sick.} 
I would not, for the life of me, let go of an opportunity to try this fragrance on.

Korres Quince Lip Butter, $10

I don't even know if this is the same Korres lip butter that everyone in the beauty blogging
world is raving about but I. Must. Have. This. {Note: I think it's the same formula, different shades lang}Can you see that pink lid? I can tell
it's a great product already {well, I'm kidding but it really is calling to me}.
The shade is just so #FF0066, I want to hoard truckloads of this.

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani (Sunshine Cuties), $29.70

 Oh, I wanna squeeeeee!
I only read 'Vanilla Bean' on the notes but already, I'm falling in love with this
thingamajig. *insert squee-ing sounds here*

Ok, before I deplete my bank account, let me stop. 
But not without something: check out the Apothica website
and see if you like something, let me know. Who knows
I can raffle off an eGC for this?

*Images are from the Apothica website