Things I Love Saturdays

There's a storm brewing east of the Philippines and since the Ondoy calamity, everyone has been extra vigilant about floods. I have been scared but I know prayers ought to do it. Therefore, there's no stopping to posting things that make me grateful, even if the whole country is in deep worry about the forthcoming supertyphoon.

On Monday, when my brother left for the US, I had no choice but to stay up
all night, help him pack and make sure he reaches the airport on time. Having been a
workday, I decided to not sleep anymore and just wing it, having had a conference call
with Toronto at an early slot. By 12 NN, I felt like dying. Then at 2:58, I saw this 
message from God and I was alive again.

I really want to run most of the time, except that most runs
in this country are in the morning. FINALLY. Just what most
advertising people need: A Night Run. With beers after. How cool is that?

If you're thinking of joining, you can download the forms here.

Justin Timberlake with Jimmy Fallon and a little history of rap.
Justin T. redeems himself in my mind as the nerdy guy from N'Sync.

It's a pink dolphin!
The world's only pink Bottlenose dolphin which was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA, has become such an attraction that conservationists have warned tourists to leave it alone.

Spending time with gorgeous beauty blogger friends and realizing that
you have the same philosophy of encouraging each other to be beautiful, 
to say only beautiful things {I tend to lessen cursing because I'm surrounded by
such positive people!} and of course, how to spread the positive vibe through
our blogs.

Waking up to this, being far from Manila at least for two days and lots and lots of greens.
Our team spent two days at the Thunderbird Resort in Binangonan, Rizal and even if
all we discussed were still work and my 'variable' love life, as the boss calls it, it felt good to
be away from all the honking and the smog and the heavy traffic. 

And while at it, can I just say that they have really amazing beds?
I of course, ignored my alarm eight times again before finally getting up.
{I love it, too, that they don't charge extra for wi-fi.}

Unfortunately, there isn't much to love in their menu, except maybe this Lemon Mousse :{
While the service was impeccable, the food was blah blah bland
and totally not worth the price, unlike the La Union counterpart.

I'm always thankful to every single bit of freebie I receive but
when there's an extra step is taken to personalize it, it's more
special. Thank you, Purederm :)

What are you loving today?