Fashion Lusting #0096

It's another week to conquer, my loves!

I woke up today and holy cow, I can't believe it's already November! It means we're all a month and something something away from Christmas but before that I'm turning 25 first, YAY! Frankly, I love this season not only because of the two occasions but because the weather seems its most perfect all year: it's not quite rainy, not too hot, just pure comfortable temperature, it's easy to decide what to wear and to go overboard with makeup, too.

I am diving into a lot of work this week, to make up for time I did not sit down when I got inspired with things to write for a column plus things I need to focus on but before I bury my head into sheer oblivion of all things fashionable and pop culture-ish, let me share with you what I've been stalking online these past few hours and I had to seriously clasp my hands together so I couldn't fill out an order form. *tsk*

{Quite frankly, I don't know why I torture myself like this.}

For Me, This is Heaven, from Renegade Folk
Php 2,900.00

Taupe is something I do not own as much as I do with black heels and I'd like these,
especially with that little snakeskin sole <3

Sexy Back, Renegade Folk
Php 2,900

*squeeee* The shoe is an absolute darling, like Audrey Hepburn if she was a shoe <3

Playground Love, Renegade Folk
Php 2,400

Nothing like boat shoes on a man {sshh, this is a secret!} but I'd like some of that
on me, too. Ang sexy lang.

It's a Carrie Dress from Pearl and Eve!
Php 1,580

The pattern is crazy, very me. Maybe I'll end up buying this, too.

Aracelli Dress, Pearl and Eve
Php 1,780

The purple fabric reminds me of Armie Hammer's snooty rich boy
voice in The Social Network, I can imagine my hand running through it.

Charlotte Dress, Coexist
Php 2,250

If it was a bit longer, I would have bought this pronto to wear to work,
maybe add a beige blazer and wear the taupe pumps above.
But it's so beautiful, don't you think? *clasps hands*

Empress Dress, Coexist
Php 2,350

Now, this is actually the first dress that caught my attention and I'd love to wear it
to so many things, like an awards banquet, or a dinner date. 

Cathy Dress, Coexist
Php 2,250

The purple version is simply divine. It is rendering me speechless now.

Ally Dress, Coexist
Php 2,350

If I were to be asked, what's the perfect dress to say goodbye to yuppie youth?
It would be this. The lace detail is so mature but the poufy skirt makes it so young.

I'm not really sure until when I can hold myself captive with this shopping ban but
I really just wanted to torture myself and share with you the things I'm lusting after currently.

*All images are from their respective websites. No copyright infringement intended.

What are your fashion lustings today?
Happy Tuesday!