Sale Alert: Beauty and Minerals Birthday Sale!

I've always thought that the most awesome things in life came out into the world on all the months of November {ahem}. Kidding aside, the other day, I was talking to a ~friend~ and he was saying that the zodiac sign Scorpio is the sign he considers the best, next to his, whatever that was. When asked, it would be Aquarius for me, probably because of the people I know born under the sign tend to have the most irrational but sensible ideas in the world and it would be the sign I'd love to have if I had a choice, next to Scorpio.

Going back, four years ago, Beauty and Minerals was born from a lovely brainchild and is now thankfully helping us all achieve beautiful, healthy skin with mineral makeup, affordable quality brushes, the cult mascara, and dead skin zappers! I honestly am so honored to have met and got to know the woman behind this store because I have so much respect for people who pool their business smarts with their heart and soul.

To Beauty and Minerals {and the one woman show that is Sophie} happy fourth birthday!

And so, in honor of B and M's fourth birthday {if it were a girl it would be a little girl with ponytails now, kind of like Agnes in Despicable Me}, Sophie just announced that the store will be on sale for the whole month of November {have I told ya amazing things happen this month?}!

If you're not a fan of online shopping but will be at the Rockwell area this weekend, that's okay, too:

Happy Birthday, Beauty and Minerals!
Thanks for making us beautiful always.