Sometimes, I Am Samantha Jones

... because I'd like to be the one to buy my own bling.

But no, I haven't purchased this lovely ring just yet.

Sometime back in November, I was invited, together with two lovely friends and other beauty bloggers at the launch of premier jewelry line, Jewelmer. From the 'ladies who lunch' vibe at Cav (BHS), down to the no nonsense talk, to the fabulous outfits, we were one woman short of an excerpt of the hit TV movie series (and forever and ever will be my favorite-st) Sex and the City.

I'm gonna say the one thing you aren't supposed to say. I love you... but I love me more. I've been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that's the one I need to work on. 
Looks like me on an ordinary day, minus the glasses.
I never thought I'd have as much parallelisms with Samantha Jones {cos I'm Carrie forever!} but more on that in the next few days

It wasn't so much of the sex boy talks (there weren't any), but it was more of being the one to buy yourself the bling that you want. As a bunch of career girls women, we share the same philosophy of pulling an 'independent woman' stint, working hard for our own diamonds, or pearls in this instance.

In SATC 1 {film}, while I was deeply touched how Smith outbid Samantha at Christie's for the $5,000 diamond ring, I could completely empathize why she felt cheated out of the right to fulfill her own wishes. Sure, it's fun and completely gratifying to be spoiled and adored by the love of your life with jewelry, but sometimes: We want to reinforce our beliefs in ourselves, to reward ourselves for the hard work, to persist and to prove that we can achieve things without the help of a male hand, or wallet. I know I do.Women, through centuries, have fought for independence, for their own recognition. I may just be reaping the effects of our female ancestors by having a really good job now {a cross between Samantha's PR job and Carrie's writing knack} but I would still very much like to be the one who gets the credit for the big ticket items in my life. *cue Destiny's Child Independent Woman here*

I remember joking about proposing to myself if only to justify the un-affordability of these things {hey, nothing of this class comes cheap}and declaring that I'm married to myself, instead of waiting for Prince Charming to blind me with diamonds. If he arrives in a white steed though, and with a truckload of diamonds, I wouldn't be caught complaining. But let me just say it out loud (errr, in public, I guess), that I'm not waiting for a member of the male species to come marry me so I can have this ring.

For when I have enough, I will be sporting this very ring.
{That is the Lautitia - Ostrea ring, from the Jewelmer 2010 Premier Collection
inspired by gold - lipped oysters, my loves}

I realize that envisioning myself with all these sparklies complements my lifelong dream of becoming a female superpower but more on that in the future.

And for reference, here are the other pearly, shiny things that were included in the Jewelmer 2010 Premier Collection:

 The Rosone Collection

Must print and post on my dream board.

The Lautitia - Efforo Ring is a beauty in a league on its own.

And just because I'm hungry for desserts right now, I just want to give a shoutout to Cave,
for the amazing food, most especially their Chocolate Souffle Cake with Berries
which every inch of was divine.

What's your take on blings? Tell me?

*Images of Kim Cattrall are from from IMDB. Special thanks to Jewelmer and Team Yehey for the invite.