2010, You Were So Effing Epic.

... and you are my favorite year so far. and I'm fully aware of how cheesy my title is.

You know how it feels when you have so much of a good thing that you don't want it to end? It's sort of like when I was reading Eat, Pray, Love, and the good feelings were coming one after another, so I prolonged it until I had to face that the book was ending. It feels like that time when you have your favorite dessert laid in front of you and you devour each inch of it and yet, ordering another one seems inane.

Unlike 2009, 2010 proved to be a karmic remuneration from all the drama I had the year before. Last night, as my bestfriend and I were gabbing the night and morning away, I realized that much of the things I have done and accomplished this year was due to the fact that I have remained unattached {if any of my ex boyfriends are reading this, sorry na but that's true}. I tend to adapt a completely boring persona when I am with someone, for the simple reason of rather spending time together, even if not doing anything. They tend to become enough for me and thus kill my will to distract myself with new things, my spunk for adventure and general retarded-ness in following my guts at the third second.

Sad, but true.

Now, as I have just celebrated a year of singlehood, I also close the best year I've had so far. Incidentally, this is the year that my supposed, quarter life crisis started and if there's anything that's to be gleaned from drama and trials and all those sentimental nega things, is that they push us to look into the bigger picture and focus on things that will lift us from the muck that we got ourselves into. I know this too much because it happened to me.

The other day, just as I and my friends were doing our favorite thing of talking over beers and hotdogs { yun lang ang tinda dun, okay?}, we were to sum up our 2010 like this: It was the year of ____________. Mine was of travel, of being able to see my family and of a well-rounded career.

Travel. This year have been, so far, the most times I've been on a plane in a single year. I've been on a plane approximately 30 times this year, personal and business combined. I know of so many people who fly even more frequently than I do but for me, that's a pretty high number, considering my former goal used to be only two OOC trips a year. And for that, I don't take credit, I have God to thank for, for all those opportunities and resources to make them happen.

Here are some of my favorite snaps:

My favorite overnight bag, which took me to a lot of local destinations this year.

Bangkok, Thailand | January 2010

 What kind of a facial expression is that? Boracay | March 2010

With my love,  Mac | Cebu | April 2010

Bacolod | May 2010

 Cagayan de Oro | April 2010

 Mexico | June 2010

Palawan | June 2010

 Boracay | June 2010

 Cagayan de Oro | August 2010

Davao | September 2010 {not really my favorite but apparently, I did not snap photos that much}

The Davao Airport Lounge | Only because I enjoyed it so much in there

Family. I have no words for this except that I am truly ecstatic over seeing my mother and stepdad this year and spending two weeks with them. Ha, it's good to be a whiny, spoiled daughter again!

Families are the world's eighth world wonder.

Career.  I am blessed. I have been told many, many times, by people, some of them earning 20x more than I do that I'm lucky enough to have found a job that I'm crazy about. And it's true. I have no complaints and I am still very, very crazy about it to this day. I do whine about it sometimes, I admit that. When there's a lot of things in your plate, there is no escaping the thought of just fading away and sleeping. But as I have realized as I was slaving away over websites and articles that were due and marketing plans,

I love my job. I love putting things into a gold wrapper and tying it with a bow. It's the people I am obligated to work with sometimes that puts a halo effect to my overall feeling. At least, now I know. Our former head have told me time and again, you win when you have fun. With a promotion and a number of awards this year, I guess he's right all along.

At the IABC Awards Night | November 2010

At the Digital Filipino Club Awards | November 2010

And even if it's not a career, it is my favorite hobby: Blogging. This year spelled incredible and numerous opportunities for me. However, those are truly just icing on the cake. What I love the most is the friendship that I have found in the people I have met. 

So, 2011, all I can tell you is: Beat that.

Seriously. I can't wait. Happy New Year, y'all.

*Some images belong to respective owners, Shen and Lace.