The Sun Life Financial Advisor

Working for this company's Marketing Team allows me to interact with many noble beings we call financial advisors. When I first entered the financial services industry, I had no idea on how to maximize my money, earn passively and enrich my present by preparing for the future.

Through the years, I have seen {and have become thoroughly bewildered} on how such a noble profession was rewarding, both figuratively and literally. I had thought then, why did people think being a financial advisor {or formerly known as life insurance agent} was a word many Filipinos shy away from, or get scared of, albeit knee jerk-ingly.

To me, and from many instances I have held impromptu financial planning sessions during lunch dates, dinner meet ups and even over beer {I gotta be honest on where it happens, yeah?}, and with my limited knowledge on the industry, I felt so fulfilled to have helped friends get their finances straighter and helped them to gain returns on their investments. Can you imagine how much nicer and much more rewarding it would be if I {or you?} did this for a living?

Sun Life advisors Anton Dayrit and Vanessa Lugue-Castro
{Anton pursues theater on the side and Vanessa is a full time mom and she's so pretty, I just have to say!}

I won't deny it, I have been tempted to switch to becoming one many times. After all, the career allows one to pursue his/her passions in life such as engaging in businesses, the arts and other hobbies while still being able to coach Filipinos into handling and managing money. Best of all, I have read many an article on where the best financial advisors from our company have gone around the world by being the best in the company, and in the industry even. And if you ask me, I'd travel for anything. Anything.

But as for me, my love for this job is still prevailing, so my plans of becoming a financial advisor is still in the back burner. If I ever fall out of love with it though, you'd know what I'd consider. {There's this joke we have at work because I already have my award-receiving speech but it's too deprecating to share here.}

For the mean time, I'm glad to one of the people who are behind the scenes of the communication to trumpet the message of how it is to be a financial advisor, and how it is to shine under the Sun.

Yes, that post on 'following people around' is because of these TVCs:

Angie Mercado, Account Executive and Sun Life advisor

Joyce Cruz, Full time mom and Full time Sun Life advisor

Happy Tuesday!
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