I Finally Did It!

Have my eyebrows colored, that is.

My friend T has been telling me to have my eyebrows colored/bleached for the longeeeeesssst time. And when I say long, that would be roughly two years now.

I don't understand why I've put it off for so long, too. I mean, it made perfect sense: I constantly had light brown hair that I refuse to dye back to black. And brown eyebrows were the perfect match to light brown hair.

I had my hair retouched this week. After all, I'm sporting almost half a head of black hair and looking at myself made me cringe already.

Then my hairstylist asked me, "Ma'am do you want me to bleach your eyebrows? Hindi ko ma-take eh." I laughed for a good minute and agreed.

The process was pretty much the same as how it is with your normal hair, even the same length of time, however with a different washing procedure {of course, my brows weren't shampooed}.

I came home and did not bother looking at it until the next day that I begun to truly appreciate my newly tinted eyebrows:

Complimented it with brows shadows, too.

Lid wash: Maybelline Gold Nuggets Palette
Crease: L'oreal Hip Duo in Sassy {Brown}
Outer V: The Body Shop Eyeshadow in Chocolate
Revlon Liquid Liner
Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette {just a smidge though because I didn't need much!}

I'm ombre no more!
Been using this face powder from HHN's Love Minerals
and it's only been two days but I gotta say WOW.

I should make a review on that one soon.

How about you? Thoughts on eyebrow bleaching?