BRB, Jacket Shopping.

The days leading up to Easter meant quiet times for me, doing nothing luxurious nor anything in excess. However, as I have been confined to my bed after some heavy mopping, scrubbing and cleaning {my hands smell like Domex to this moment}, I have succumbed to searching for the perfect coats for the next coming months. It's been a while since I've spent time in a cold-er country so might as well update my wardrobe, yes?

I have Karla's Closet and Annie of Time Enough For Drums opened constantly in my browser. I can't get over how easy they make it look dressing up in layers.

Inspiration: Karla Deras of

and I just have to mention her sexy boyfriend shirt.

And so I have been scouring the wasteland that is Google and found some I've considered

Beige Coat from

Karla would definitely approve of this.

Actually, if I just can have just one coat, this would be it.
Long Overcoat from

And I like this coat from Forever 21, too:

Or this:

ARGH! Too many choices!
Where do you buy your jackets and coats?

*All photos are from their respective owners.