The Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge

When I signed up for the Pond's Flawless White Challenge, I was hesitant I would be tied to a brand or seem like I was being paid to say good things about it {I wasn't, no one was}. But Pond's, being a brand I have to come to love over the last few months, and a brand open to whatever we, ensigned bloggers, were to say, I went ahead and tried out a whitening line and agreed to document it on another website.

The first two entries I did gave me so much joy despite them being products of late nights, interspersed with tweeting {hello, Jhengky!}. Creative writing has always been my love and it felt good to write with a purpose, interject it with multimedia elements and share good things on the internet. However, due to technical reasons, my bestfriend and I decided to pull out of the race. As an additional entry, I posted a letter given to me as my third entry.

Anyway, despite us throwing the chance to become featured in a spread to appear on Cosmopolitan, Metro and Mega,  I {and Dang, too!} have gained a truly great insight from the experience: Our skin doesn't need expensive skincare to get better.

During the experience, I have made an inventory of the things I have used on my face. Granted, some of them worked like a dream, and some of them were, not really as effective as we hoped they'd be. My learning from it was if we are not to try and give affordable, trusted, vouched-for products a try, we will never know. After all, we all want to squeeze the bang out of our hard earned buck. If we get the same results from both products, and eventually save money from the other, why not?

Surprisingly, I have come to develop a habit of lessening the amount of makeup I put onto my face. In the last two weeks, due to events that requires I come in with a bare face, I have been told I looked better without makeup. I take that as a good sign.

Still, despite not being a contender in the PFW Challenge anymore, my bestfriend and challenge partner and I attended the Pond's party last April 12th to support our friends.

Dang, I, Jheng and Sophie retouching at the washroom of Fiamma.
Shoutout to my loves Jheng and Shen for making me look beautiful
that night!

Our OOTNs are all courtesy of Plains and Prints.And my BFF's lippy is just too gorgeous!

Ah. The Angelica Dress.
There was so much confusion and confusion and mix up with who's wearing what
but eventually, everything worked itself out. And I love THIS dress on me.
To quote Jheng, the dress is matimtiman. 
Thanks again, D, for choosing it for me.

Yay! The party begins!

A clearer photo. Thanks, Az!

Thought bubble: Dear Lord, please do not let me trip. Please.

 Thought bubble: Yes, last few minutes of praying I won't  trip.

You gotta love Jheng's hair. And Shen's very classy look.

And congrats to my achies Nikki Tiu and Sophie Uy for bagging
the Editors' Choice Award!

and to Ginger Arboleda and Reena Sarmiento for being the
Overall Winners of the PFW Challenge!

After the announcement of winners, I went around and bumped into
Preview's Fashion Editor, Daryl Chang!

Of course, special thanks to my friends for coming and supporting
me and Dang even if we weren't in the running anymore:

And to the Pond's Brand Team {Jacqe and Julles}, Pond's Ambassador Rissa Mananquil
and Ogilvy One {Hi, Maan!} for a fun and challenging experience.
Thanks to you, I can go out of the house now with minimal makeup!

Yes, I look like crap with no makeup on.
And unbrushed hair.

But ever since, I have eliminated the usage of concealer
and stuck with BB cream. 

More of the individual product reviews on the coming days, I promise!
{and to everyone who voted for us, thank you so, so much!}

Special thanks to Azrael Coladilla for the photos!