Making Some Headway Into the Water

Not learning how to properly swim and not making any efforts in 25 years has got to be the most embarrassing thing I ever have to say to anyone, or write into a public blog. The whole sordid story makes me cringe even now, even when I know more people, like me, who have never gotten around to paddling and kicking, too.

Contrary to what I wrote back in July, I haven't enrolled in swimming lessons because I have been hella lazy and caught up with {okay, I am making excuses} work and social life that it's been pushed too far in my calendar. When I said I was going to take them in March, I wasn't able to {wow, where has my March been?} and now, with summer very well upon us, I still have not gotten down to learning.

Until we drove all the way to Batangas for 24 hours of swimming, drinking and eating. And:

I realize I look hmmm, weird and funny here but whatever :D
Look Ma, no hands!

I still have a long way to go to become lifeguard material but I can pretty much scale an entire swimming pool {freestyle}and I can tread like I'm not trying to die.

Thanks to my friend S {in picture}who patiently taught me how to tread in water {and not to cheat!} even when I was trying to learn how to swim while completely inebriated.

But because I have no photos in the sea whatsoever, I don't consider this as a ticked-off item just yet.

YAY! is all I can say.