Fashion Dream Come True: The Scarf

I can't say how much I'd want to wear scarves every single day. It's crazy.

To me, putting on a scarf ups one's fashion quotient {weather-permitting} without having to add crazy items or if one wants to spruce up a simple outfit {a shirt, jeans and flats}.

But Manila weather will never be scarf-worthy. Or rarely will it be.

Once some two years ago, I wore a scarf to work, during December. I woke up to colder than usual weather so I grabbed my white pullover and my pink scarf and some jeans and sped off to work. I was in heaven.

By noon, the weather decided to rear its normal self and it was back to being hot, not so, but not enough for me to keep the scarf on my neck. Since then, I have foregone wearing scarves unless it was less than 20 degrees, which never happened in Manila.

Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen is my inspiration for scarves,
here in this photo in a snow leopard print scarf.

Screencapped from Gossip Girl by CW

When the Canadian trip was booked, sealed and set in stone, the first thing I bought was a new scarf.

When Tin and I walked into Zara that day, I immediately saw a hot pink and black striped scarf with a material impeccably suited for winter. I put it on and mused, "I look like a student from Hogwarts," and laughed. It wasn't until we got into the bigger scarf shelves that Tin spotted this zebra-ish printed scarf in brown and black. It screamed my name.

And while I fell in like with the Hogwart-ish scarf I encountered at the entrance of the store, I couldn't resist the neutral classiness of the scarf pictured above. While I tend to splurge on rather trendier items once in a while, I couldn't help but lean towards the scarf that would go together with the items on my outfit flowchart {yes, I make one for trips!} which were mostly in the neutral family. A pop of color would've been nice but I wouldn't want the same pop of color every single day. Besides, I had another pink scarf to bring.

And as I would have it, {and to quote a new friend, M, Scarf ang magdadala sayo sa tugatog ng pictures}, I have thrown the scarf into combo with my neutral outfits in my recent trip to Montreal. If anything, because traveling limits your choices and options to stay fasyon, your scarf is best bet.

 At Rue Sainte Catherine, Montreal, Montreal's shopping district.

Scarf: Zara Accessories
Shirt: Victoria's Secret {my scarf helped accessorize a rather plain shirt}
Jeans: Promod
Bag: CMG

At the Biodome of Montreal
Turtleneck: Marks and Spencer
Flats: CMG

What's your fashion wish? Anything that came true recently?