Things I Love: Canada Edition

It's been almost two weeks that I've been here and if you ask me, it feels like forever that I am so used at this lifestyle that I don't mind staying on two weeks more: I don't get up too early, I take leisurely baths, my first thought in the morning is where to shop, I take pictures of everything I see, I can pause to write my thoughts, I spend time with my parents, I have nonstop laughs with my friends and the weather is such an absolute delight {never higher than 22 C}.

I really can get used to this.

But as I have been thinking the other day as I struggled to fold every piece of clothing that I own into my suitcase, in preparation for the last leg of my Canadian trip was that I would be home soon. By then I would be so caught up {or maybe the right phrase would be 'attempting to catch up'} with the things I left that I would soon put all these into the back of my mind.

That's something I don't like doing, so indulge me as I share with you some of the highlights of my trip --- things that made me giggle and laugh boisterously over the last two weeks:

Train rides. Boot-shopping. Outlet stores.
Tim Hortons {God, I love that Iced Capp!} Polar bears.

The Royal Ontario Museum {I can live in that museum}, French. French baby talk.
Jaw-dropping cute strangers. Napolitana pizza. The Niagara Falls.

 The Royal Ontario Museum

Spotting artsy fartsy offices. Miles Davis quotes and posters. Career inspirations.
Wifi everywhere. The kindness of strangers. Talking to Canadian/Filipinos in Filipino.

Not getting charged for overweight luggage. Pink Nouveau.
Tulips everywhere. Poutine. The World's Biggest Bookstore.
Weeds that are so pretty in pictures. The best Eggs Benedict EVER.

I am smiling like a kid on Christmas Day. Can you tell I'm so happy?
What's making you happy today?