Certified: Calm

One of the seemingly best things I have gotten myself into this year has to definitely be yoga. Just before I started practicing in June, I came across a yoga-centric store at the third level of Shangri-la Mall, tucked in a corner you wouldn't miss if you are going through the escalators: Certified Calm, well, as I was in search of a yoga mat.

The green accents and wooden panels on the interiors were calming me vicariously as I entered the store.

There was ample space to move around, things being sold were very interesting that one wonders "Do we really needed all these things if we're going to practice yoga?" Of course the answer was yes.

From the outside, it was impossible not to be called in.

Certified Calm offers the widest range of yoga mats in the country.

And the towels are too nice to ignore, too!

I eventually found a mat from a sporting store in Ortigas but I did get a Manduka towel from Certified Calm. As I learned and experienced, someone who practices yoga could sweat so much. I for one never imagined how crazy I'll be sweating doing those poses which from an outsider's point of view could look so easy. 

Looking back at it now, I can't believe how much one can learn and get from yoga: the focus, the balance, commitment, dedication and yes, a flatter tummy, too.

As a fledgling yogini {Yoga Girl, as my colleague would call me}, I decided to show my commitment to the practice by buying ten classes for the next two months and of course, what else, shopping

Last Sunday, en route to the last show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2, I found myself once again in the comforting green, white and wooden arms of what is my fast becoming favorite store. Luckily for me, too, I found that some items were on BOGO terms so I just paid half of what I was supposed to. I came out a happy, beaming girl who looked like she just hit nirvana. 

Zobha Classic Racerback Tank {Php 2,750} and LeSpiro Pocket shorts {Php 2,850}

I am normally a size 2 but I loved the color so much I settled for a size 4.

And because I could get two more, I got these two tops in happy colors nonetheless!

Are you a budding yogini, too? Where do you shop for your stuff?

Certified Calm can be found in the 3rd Level of Shangri La Mall along EDSA.
You can visit their Facebook page here, where I got the photos of their store as used above.